Big Data-friendly data model and 250 HTML5 widgets boost developer productivity and improve time to market for design of engaging customer-facing applications

SINGAPORE, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), "The BIRT Company™" and the leader in personalized analytics and insights, today introduced a new generation of BIRT iHub™. The completely redesigned BIRT iHub 3 eases design and deployment for BIRT developers and OEMs, who increasingly need to enable their organizations to deliver personalized analytics and insights to their customers, partners and employees. The new generation BIRT iHub 3 visualization platform offers BIRT developers increased power, control and functionality; allowing them to create stunningly effective customer-facing applications that enable better engagement with customers. BIRT iHub 3 supports new heights of developer creativity, efficiency and productivity with broader scope of control for customer-facing applications.

"BIRT iHub 3 makes it easier to develop and deploy applications that engage customers, partners and employees, by enabling highly secure delivery of visually engaging, intuitive, self-service personalized analytics and insights with scalability to millions of users," said Nobby Akiha, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Actuate.

"BIRT iHub 3 also bolsters outside the firewall, cloud-based installation and management," said Jeff Morris, VP Product Marketing at Actuate."While other BI vendors are fiddling with 'free cloud systems' we have a fully deployed, live, multi-instance, multi-tenant cloud product for enterprises and OEMs -- as BIRT iHub onDemand™ -- and can demonstrate how our customers, including the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), can offer this functionality to their end users, today."

"We have completely recreated BIRT iHub 3 with the guiding objective to enable analysis and communication on a higher level with customers, partners and employees," said Akiha. "Our more than three million BIRT developers and OEMs can design even more compelling, highly personalized and secure data visualizations within customer-facing applications -- much faster and more effectively -- using any volume, variety or velocity of data."

"The intersection of Big Data, Social, Mobile and Cloud presents an opportunity for our direct and OEM customers to better serve their organizations' customers," continued Akiha. "The major improvements to the platform let BIRT developers and OEMs work easily with Big Data to develop applications that both securely scale to millions of their customers, and personalize the output for each of those customers. Scale and performance are traditional strengths of Actuate, and through BIRT iHub 3 we allow developers to truly leverage the inherent promise of Big Data."

Totally new UX (user experience)

BIRT iHub 3 sports an entirely new user experience, which will be immediately appreciated by existing and new BIRT developers and OEMs, as well as end users. It is based on current consumer industry standards and web metaphors, and is instantly familiar from today's ubiquitous smart phone and touch device interfaces. Developers' end users will immediately notice a cleaner, more intuitive UI that puts the information "frame" into the background to enable data content and resulting insights to take center stage. Navigational and editor improvements allow users to instinctually know how to customize dashboards and reports, supporting self-service. The new interface improves adoptability and enjoyment for all end users of BIRT-built applications.

Animated HTML5 visualizations are now default and augment Flash output for all charts, gadgets and maps to enable full, cross-platform, mobile and web compatibility, which is especially helpful for iOS, Android and BYOD environments. By building on expanded HTML5 animation capability, Actuate has eased developers' ability to deliver device-agnostic, ultra-engaging apps that boast more expressive graphics in a more familiar, consumer-device context. BIRT iHub 3 supports embedded HTML5 in BIRT designs and the BIRT Designer Professional includes more than 250 HTML5 animated widgets for web and mobile design and deployment. BIRT Designer Professional also adds Mac OS and 64-bit Windows operating systems to its list of supported platforms to support developers' current platforms of choice.

Improved agility for developers and OEMs

BIRT's more than three million developers who adopt BIRT Designer Professional will instantly notice productivity and construction improvements throughout their development process, even before they publish designs to BIRT iHub.

New BIRT Viewer for Android phones adds to existing native iOS phone/tablet and Android tablet support.

Unified, high performance data modeling and Data Object caching architecture simplifies data integration tasks while handling orders-of-magnitude-larger data sets and aggregations while giving developers the ability to define navigations at the data level, ensuring consistency within their applications and designs. The result allows developers to deliver a high performance, highly interactive experience for end users.

Commercial support for Internet and Big Data repository sources, including MongoDB, Cloudera's Impala, Hortonworks, and Cassandra.

Dashboards can be built, tested and deployed by developers directly within BIRT Designer Pro, improving both dashboard robustness and IT responsiveness to users.

Faster and more portable publishing of BIRT applications with new data and design application packaging, simplifying the ability for BIRT developers to share their work with customers or in the market.

BIRT iHub 3 includes a revamp and unification of the interfaces in BIRT iHub Visualization Platform, which now includes dashboards, interactive viewer and report studio.

Enhanced BIRT developer community support

As part of its ongoing support to the BIRT developer community, Actuate has also redesigned its BIRT Exchange Community Website as part of a new corporate website. Visit http://developer.actuate.com.

Actuate software has already delivered productivity enhancing insights to over 200 million of our customers, and their customers, partners and employees. Actuate's scalable solutions save time and improve end users' brand experience by enabling the delivery of personalized insights inside and outside the firewall.

BIRT iHub 3 is planned to ship by year-end.

About Actuate (NASDAQ:BIRT) -- The BIRT Company™

Actuate provides software to more than three million BIRT developers and OEMs who build scalable, secure solutions that save time and improve brand experience by delivering personalized analytics and insights to over 200 million of their customers, partners and employees. Actuate founded and supports BIRT -- the open source IDE -- and develops BIRT iHub™ -- the world-class deployment platform -- to significantly improve productivity of developers working on customer facing applications. Actuate's BIRT Analytics™ delivers self-service predictive analytics to enhance customer engagement using Big Data. BIRT Content Services empowers ECM architects to easily transform, process, personalize and archive high volume content. Actuate is headquartered in Silicon Valley with more than 5,000 enterprise customers in financial services, technology and government. Visit http://actuate.com and http://developer.actuate.com.

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