Gmail.com Password Recovery / Delete Gmail Account / Gmail Forgot Password : Gmail is best email service provided by Google. You can use a lots of features by sign in to your account such as Add Contacts, Create Tasks sort by due date, Send these tasks to another gmail address. Compose emails with file attached, Read messages / emails from inbox, Save emails to drafts and send it later, Starred, Sent mail, Chat with your friend. Spam or Trash for untrusted emails and much more.

If you are a new to Gmail, check out the post “How to Create a New Gmail Account“. You can login to your accounts by typing “mail.google.com” into your browser’s address bar. Or just open Google home page by typing google.com and look up the top right corner, there is a link named Gmail, you have to just click on it and enter valid username – password to get access to your account. See the image below for Gmail account login.

Gmail.com Password Recovery | Delete Gmail Account | Gmail Forgot Password

How to Recover Gmail Forgot Password

Many users having a question like “i forgot my gmail password” after creating a new gmail account. It is not such a difficult task to recover one until you got the correct way. Just follow the simple steps given below to retrieve forgot gmail password.

Go to the gmail.com website or you could also get this by typing google.com into your browser’s address bar and look up at Gmail to the top right corner.

Click on Need help ? as shown in the image below.

Here you will get a message asking “Having trouble signing in?” Three options are given over there.

I don’t know my password.

I don’t know my username.

I’m having other problems signing in.

Click on the first radio button beside “I don’t know my password” and type your gmail address (which you want to recover) in the box and click on blue Continue button.

At next page it will ask you to enter the last character you remember, just type the 1-4 last characters in the box (if you remember) and click continue. If you don’t remember the last characters click on “I don’t know” button.

You will ask to get a verification code on your Mobile phone via text message (SMS) or an automated phone call as per your selection. Click on continue. Enter the six digits code (send by DM-Google) in the box you just receive and continue.

Now, you will get the page where you can reset your pass word. Type in the box, should be strong with mix numbers / symbols, type the same again in the second box to confirm it, click on Reset Password.

DO NOT HESITATE if you face any problem in Gmail password recovery.

Turn Off Google 2 Step Verification

Google’s 2 Step Verification is one of the best service to take your account onto high level security. But many users have issues with 2 step verification because the codes you got with it will don’t work with all applications, some of the applications are Apple Mail and Android (2.3 or less). These applications require some of your Google account information and ASPs (Application Specific Passwords). Well, we are not here to talk about ASPs, it will be discuss next time.

How to Turn Off Google 2 Step Verification ?

It is a simple task to complete. Just visit the SMSAuthConfig Accounts under setting page.

Login to your account by entering username, password and 6 digits verification code (if require).

Click “Turn off” button, located on the right hand side, see the image below.

A new window will appear to confirm to turn off 2 step verification, click OK and that’s it the two step verification is now disabled. You will no longer be prompted to enter verification code while accessing your Google or Gmail account.

If you change up your mind later and want to enable it again, then you have to just call back this page and Turn on the button. Or see the full step-by-step tutorial to enabling this method in proper way.

How to Change Gmail Password

Its a good idea to change Google account password. Many users come to know about when their password is weak or when some body know or hacked their account details. Read a step-by-step guide to go through.

How do i Change My Google or Gmail Account Password ?

Login to your account by entering username and password.

See the gear icon at top right corner below your image. Click on it to open drop down menu.

Go to settings as shown in the above image.

Click the fourth tab “Account and Import“.

On the next page go to the first option “Change password” available in the first row change account settings.

Now, the next window will open, type in your current password, New password and the same in Confirm new password then click on Change Password blue button.

The next time you will access your Google or Gmail account with new password.

How to Delete a Gmail or Google Account

If you’ve make up your mind to delete a Google or Gmail account permanently then consider one more time. Because after deleting or removing a service you will not just lose only access but also lose everything you have in it such as Emails, files, messages, tasks and all other services like YouTube, Google+, Drive, Docs, Gmail for that particular account.

Many users face some security issues and got frustrated, then we recommend to enable 2 step verification method the best way to keep / stay account secure.

Well, if you have more than one or multiple Google accounts and want to remove only a single, then please read carefully, step-by-step guide on how do i delete my gmail account.

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently ?

First thing you have to sign out from all of your Google accounts, services and websites like YouTube, Blogspot, Google+ etc.

Make sure you are now signed out. You can check this by going to Google home page and look up the top right corner, no image or avatar should be there and asking you to Sign in (with blue button).

Login to account which you want to delete.

Click on your avatar or image showing at top right corner to drop down the details, see the image below.

Open “Account” above view profile button.

The next page includes 5 important setting options. Personal info, Security, Language, Data tools and Help. You have to click on Data tools.

Here’s how you can delete account and all its product, just point out to Account management and click on Delete products.

Two options are there on next page, whether you delete your Gmail account permanently or close account and remove all associated services and information.

Check all the boxes of associated services you want to remove like Adsense, Blogspot etc. Enter your current password in the box. You will also have to confirm, if you have any pending financial transactions (Google Wallet like services) you will still be responsible for those charges.

Now, finally click on Delete Google Account. It may take a few days to remove all of the content.

You can also use Google account deletion and Gmail account deletion page link to go through directly after singing in.

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