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Here at All Private Label Content, we’ve been providing quality articles, reports and other content for our customers since 2006. To be frank, we were one of the first quality PLR providers amongst what was then a sea of garbage PLR and have helped reshape the market that readily offers quality content today.

We’ve been around for a long time as far as PLR selling goes, so when Justin told us many of his customers might not know about our great content, we knew we had to take this opportunity to show you what we do with a ton of great content at a superb price. 

Consider this your giant and delicious taste test of our PLR. 

Here’s what we’ve done for you and think you’re going to love it. We’ve packaged up 3 month’s worth of content that normally only our All Marketing Content members enjoy, but since Justin referred you here, we wanted to ensure you were tremendously satisfied with your visit. This huge bundle includes articles, product profiles, how to sheets, reports and slide shows, all designed for you to brand, monetize and edit as you see fit.

We’ve even thrown in a handy WordPress plugin that makes publishing all this content a snap. There are more details on that indispensable tool below, so keep reading. We’ve got tons in store for you.

Let’s get right to it, shall we…

3 x Special Reports (8-10 pages each):

Each report comes in .doc and .txt format. You can use the reports as a free gift with opt-in, sell it as a product, add it to a membership site. You can even break it up into articles to use on your website and blog. It’s really up to you.

Here are the topics included:

Pinterest Business Boards: Increase Sales & Traffic with Images (3122 words / 11 pages): Understanding Pinterest, pinning, connecting with customers and potential customers, standing apart from the crowd and more.

Guide to Building a Better, Stronger & More Enjoyable Business (5568 words / 13 pages): Understanding your motivation and knowing your reason why, creating a plan for better efficiency and more.

From Passion to Profitability – Seven Steps to Increase Your Value (5615 words / 13 pages): Understanding your hourly value, discovering your strengths and weaknesses, leveraging the strengths of others and more.

6 PowerPoint Slide Shows:

These slide shows are perfect for classroom presentations or webinars. You can add narration and turn them into videos or share them online as is. Just add your logo, website URL and other promotions. Then you’re ready to roll.

6 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Slide Show (8 slides / 7 images)

Instagram Slide Show

7 Webinar No-Nos and How to Avoid Them Slide Show (9 slides / 8 images)

Webinar Slide Show

Analytics – Tools of the Trade Slide Show (7 slides / 5 images)

Analytics Slide Show


What Do Your Customers Want? Slide Show (7 slides / 5 images)

Customer Slide Show


Segmenting Your Followers for Bigger Success Slide Show (6 slides / 4 images)

Segmenting Slide Show


Word of Mouth Marketing Slide Show (7 slides / 5 images)

Word of Mouth Slide Show

30 How To Articles:

These practical articles help your readers with specific tasks and techniques for their business. From attracting influencers to editing blog content, you’ll have plenty of great advice for your readers. Use these as blog posts, add them to an autoresponder series or bundle them up into short reports. This is your content to run with.

30 “How-Tos” Included

How to Encourage Others to Share their Story

How to Attract Industry Influencers

How to Be Productive in Business When Your Internet is Down

How to Conduct an Interview for Your Blog

How to Earn Your Prospect’s Confidence on Your Blog

How to Edit Your Content and Copy for Better Results

How to Find Your Peak Productivity Time

How to Make Sure Your Webinar is Ready to Go

How to Reboot Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

How to Use Journaling for Your Business

The Power of a Secondary Passive Income

How to Better Manage Your Blog Comments

How to Create a Blog Posting Routine

How to Create an email Writing Routine

How to Create Your Content Listening Plan

How to Find a Business Mentor

How to Format Emails so People Will Actually Read Them

How to Get More Done Each Day – Surprising Productivity Tips

How to Stop Overwhelming Your Prospects

How To Understand the Difference between Sales and Marketing

How to Use Landing Pages More Effectively

How To Create Your Company’s Pinterest Page

How to Evaluate Business Advice

How To Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further

How To Organize Your Marketing Ideas

How to Turn a Marketing Setback Around

How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Plan Your Content Marketing

How to Connect With Social Media Influencers

How to Create a Marketing Strategy Mind Map

How To Create An Effective Email Signature


30 Product Profiles:

Product reviews are a great way to convert curious consumers into buyers. These product profiles provide the nuts and bolts for your  product reviews. Just add your own opinion and thoughts and you’re ready to roll.

30 Product Profiles Included

30 Amazing Email Marketing Tactics

Adobe Fireworks Website Design Training Course

Affiliate Program at ClixGalore.com

Auto Affiliate Program Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Boxshots and Ecover Graphic Software

Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills

Cover Software Pro EBook Ecover Generator

Cure Public Speaking Fear


Email Marketing for Dummies [Kindle Edition]:

GraphixKit Premium Graphic Resources

How to Host and Record Teleseminars

How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

MAGIX Photo and Graphic Designer 2013

Mega Pack PLR Internet Marketing EBooks

Membership Site Bible

Membership Sites Secret

Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest for Dummies

Press Equalizer Software

Project Management Document Toolkit

Quick Content Creation Using PLR

Rebranding PLR Products

Same-Page Project Management Software

SocialAqua.com – 100 Instagram Followers

The Ultimate Web Graphics Package

Total Life Coaching [Kindle Edition]

Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide

Web Design Mastery


90 Articles:

Need more content for your blog? Is your autoresponder a little bare? Here’s an easy way to fill up your marketing with great content. From customer service and public speaking, all the way to social media and affiliate marketing, this package of 90 articles has plenty of great advice to offer your readers.

Could Poor Testimonials Affect Sales?

90 Articles Included

How to SEO Your Pinterest Pins, Boards and Profile

How You Can Use Instagram in Your Business

Is Your Website Design Driving People Away?

PLR versus Resell: Understanding the Difference

Poor Customer Service Can Halt Your Sales

Promoting Your Instagram Profile

Public Speaking: How to Get Audience Participation

Seven Webinar No-Nos and How to Avoid Them

Simple Ways to Create Stunning Pins

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone – Accepting Interview Invitations & Hosting Teleseminars

Creating and Using Boards for Business

Successfully Using PLR in Your Business

The Importance of Public Speaking - How Putting Yourself Out There Can Generate Leads and Sales

Tools You’ll Need for a Successful Webinar

Using Instagram to Drive Traffic

Using PLR to Increase Product Value

Value or Price: Which Is More Important?

Five Ways to Use Pinterest for Business and Marketing

What Is Instagram?

What to Look for in a Good PLR Provider

When Should You Use a Webinar?

Creative Ways to Use Instagram

Why People Freeze When Speaking and How to Overcome It

4 Software Choices for Coaches

5 Reasons to Start a Membership Site

Life Coaching – Certification or No Certification

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Email List Technology

Coach Resources and Tools

Components of a Profitable Membership Site

Creating Viral Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Do it yourself or hire a professional? Things to Consider

Do you know the purpose of your website?

Fast Easy Content Creation with PLR

How Drip eMail Campaigns Automate Market Education

How to Build a Following on Twitter

How to juggle multiple small projects

How to keep projects on track through upheaval and change

How to Start Networking on LinkedIn

Making Money with Membership Sites

Membership Site Software

One Page Membership Site Business Plan

Overwhelmed with project possibilities?

Segmenting Your Market Tips For Success

Four Examples of Businesses Using Pinterest (And Why They Are Good)

Struggling to Succeed?

Technology to Use to Boost Your Facebook Marketing

Testing Your Message A/B Testing 101

The Importance of Responsive Web design

Tips to manage a project when it’s just you

Turning Your Services Business into a Coaching Business

Using Twitter Effectively

What is eMail Marketing?

What Makes a Good Coach Great

Why Social Media isn’t Enough

Public Speaking: Paid and Free Events – The Benefits of Each

Your blog should be on your website

Awesome Graphics Software

Benefits to Housing Your SOP Online

Best Practices in Hiring Contractors

Choosing Affiliate Products Well

Clicks or Dollars?

Components of an Effective Blog Post

Creating a Winning Affiliate Program

Creating Local Buzz Online

Creating Smart Infographics

How Content Drives People Away

Creator or Curator?

Effective Guest Posting

Establishing Goals and Metrics

Graphics and Plagiarism

Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Ten Product Ideas for Any Niche

Signs You Should Fire Your Client

The Art of Being Interviewed

The Right Way to Do Content Marketing

Analytics: Tools of the Trade

How to Find Guest Speakers for Your Webinar

Web Analytics Resources

Six Websites with Royalty Free Graphics

What Are Web Analytics?

What Do Your Customers Want?

What Makes Content Profitable?

What Makes Your Products/Services Different?

What Your SOP Should Include

Why Offline Businesses Need Both Online and Offline Marketing

Why Press Releases Still Work

Why Pricing Matters

How to Make Your Presentation Memorable

Why You Need Graphics on Your Blog Posts

Now, we know that’s a ton of content. How are you going to publish it all? Well, that’s EASY because we’re including a license to our…

Speedy APLC Publisher for Wordress:

Publish Your Content in a Few Clicks of Your Mouse

Speedy APLC Publisher is a handy plug-in for your WordPress blog that allows you to instantly publish your PLR content to your blog with just a few clicks of a mouse. You can schedule the content to publish automatically or load them as drafts, so you can edit before publishing. You can assign specific categories and even control the authors of all the content from one control panel. This is a versatile tool that sends you plenty of time.

Click play below to see how the plug-in works:

But there’s still more…

45 Images to Go with Your Content

Visual content goes a long way, so we’ve put together 45 images to pair up with your articles and other content.


Phew! That was a mouthful. As you can see, there’s plenty of content to get you going. Whether you want to grow your list, fill your blog with great content, create information products or build up a membership site, there’s a ton of content here for you.

Grabbing this content in our monthly membership would cost you nearly $90, but as a friend of Justin’s, you can get it all for at a fraction of that cost with no subscriptions or any obligations of any kind.

This Special Offer is Good until February 21 Only, so Grab it While You Can

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We look forward to helping your content marketing campaigns a whole lot easier.

To your content marketing success,

Alice Seba & Melody Spier

Your Partners in Online Success

P.S. Remember, this package isn’t available anywhere else. It’s exclusive to our All Marketing Content members, but you’re getting special access at a super price. Get all 156 pieces of content and 45 images here.

P.P.S. After February 21, this offer will be gone for good. Be sure to grab it now if you can use it.

P.P.S. Still not sure? Grab a free PLR sample here.

I love my All Private Label Content Membership, it offers me high quality content on a variety of niches and seasonal topics. I like both the one time packages and the memberships for niches as it gives me lots to choose from.

The service is outstanding and I’ve never had any trouble with downloading my bundles.

Melody Thacker


The content looks good and it definitely makes the life of anyone with a business/marketing website easier!

I am very pleased to be a member of your business/marketing PLR membership.

The way you guys go about running your PLR membership sites is exemplary.

Adam Lok


The quality of your articles are great. They are professionally written and cover a wide range of topics.

I love using your articles on my websites for extra content and I also use parts of the articles in my e-mails to my subscribers. They also make great material to create eCourses from.

Aurelia Williams

Washington, D.C.


Your content is top quality and they are also on some great subject matter. In your “How To’s”, you have some very simple to follow yet thorough directions that anyone can understand.

The reviews are a fantastic idea. It’s a great way to add useful content to most any site. Overall, excellent quality all around.

Mike Ambrosio

Monroe, NY USA


I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the content AMC provides. You can pay far more for junky articles and I have, but these are top notch.

Membership has made it easy for me to keep fresh content on several of my sites without having to spend time hunting it down. Plus, I love that I can customize them a bit to add my voice.I am getting new traffic within a couple of days of adding these articles, and I’ve been able to use them to get more newsletter subscribers too.

Carrie Lauth

The articles are just amazing. I use them to add value to my site or just use them as a jumping board for a bigger project.

I love to use the articles in my newsletter, as free giveaways, and as content for my website. My subscribers are loving it!

Vera Raposo

Vancouver, BC Canada

I just wanted you to know that I’m very happy with the articles I am getting.They are very easy to read, the right size, and so useful for several of my sites.

I’ve used articles in my blogs, as a start to a new article of my own, and when I really needed something quick, I even used them ‘as is’.

Adriana Copaceanu

New Market, Virginia


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