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This bundle contains a full year of top quality articles that you can automatically upload and schedule to your blog, using our handy WordPress plugin.

That’s 365 posts all related to business and marketing. These were pulled from our All Marketing Content archives from 2012 and come with a freshly written tweet for each article.

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Article Topics In This Pack:

5 Common Business Process Mistakes

5 Ground Rules for Kickstarting a New Project

9 Ways to Keep Track of New Marketing Opportunities

A Guide to MyBlogGuest

Accounts Receivable Software: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Affiliate Marketers: How to Increase Conversion

Amazon Mechanical Turk: What It Is, Who It’s For, How It’s Used

Amazon.com Affiliate Program: Is It Worth the Effort?

Analyzing the Numbers: Gauging and Learning from Results

Are Banner Ads a Good Way to Build Brand?

Basic Mark-Up Changes in HTML5

Before Trying to Motivate, Seek to Understand

Before You Incorporate, Plan Your Exit

Being Yourself – Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Personality Shine

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using eLance or oDesk

Best Password Policies for ECommerce Platforms

Blog Comments: Which Ones to Keep, Which Ones to Delete

Boost Your Income by Offering Close-Out and Year-End Sales

Brand Building Success

Branding through Kindle, IBooks and Nook

Build a Customer Avatar to Help Focus Your Message

Building Traffic with Social Bookmarking

Can Events Be a Viral Tool?

Can the Passion in Your Voice Affect Customer Motivation?

Choose and Brand a High Quality USP to Compete in Crowded Markets

Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

Cloud Computing: Should Your Business Use It?

Communication Tips for Project Management

Competitive Marketing on the Internet: SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and More

Competitive Research: Ask the Right “Apples to Apples” Questions

Confidence-Building Tips to Boost Your Direct Sales Business

Continuity Programs: Why Every Sales Funnel Should Have One

Cost Considerations When Marketing Your Freelance Services

Cost Cutting Processes: Are You Regularly Examining Your Expenses?

Co-Working: The Pros and Cons

Craigslist for Local Marketing

Create a Viral IPhone and Android App

Creating Goals for Next Year: What to Consider

Creating Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Credibility: The Crux of Your Motivational Message

Deciding What Products to Offer Next Year

Denial of Service Attacks: What You Need to Know

Designing a High Converting JV Campaign

Designing and Targeting a Mobile Banner That Gets Clicks

Doing Competitive Research Based on Public Filings

Easy Ways to Maximize LinkedIn Groups to Grow Your Business

ECommerce Intrusion Detection and Response

ECommerce Security: An Overview

Email Marketing – Why Autoresponders Play a Vital Role

Email Marketing: What’s the Right Balance Between Selling and Connection

Email Opt-Ins – The First Step of Any Good Sales Funnel

Empowering Employees: The $200 Rule

Essential Smartphone Apps for the Mobile Entrepreneur

Establishing Your Online Credibility in Easy Steps

Everything You Need to Know about Flyering

Exit Strategy Planning for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Ezine Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

Facebook Ads for Branding

Facebook Mobile Advertising Explained

Finding a Profitable Niche and Boosting Your Traffic

Finding and Emphasizing Your Core Competencies

Five Common Time Management Leaks and Mistakes

Five Common Types of Marketing Consultants

Five Copywriting Principles for Creating Massive Motivation

Five Core Emotions to Target for Maximum Motivation

Five Creative Joint Venture Ideas

Five Places to Land JV Partners

Five Practical Tips for Saving Money on Marketing

Five Proven Tactics to Help You Find More Clients for Your Freelance Business

Five Reasons to Offer Tangible Products

Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs an Exit Strategy

Five Rules for Using Social Media for Branding

Five Sizzling Niche Markets

Five Steps to Eliminating Digital Time Wasters

Five Tips for Better B2B Social Networking

Five Tips for Creating a Sticky Website

Five Tips For Effective Mobile Marketing

Five Tips for Selling Online during the Holiday Season

Five Tips for Succeeding as a Marketing Consultant\

Five Ways to Prepare for the New Year

Five Ways to Retain Your Most Valued Clients

Fiverr Overview: A Highly Versatile Microservice Site

Four Changes You Should Make in Your SEO Strategy

Four Popular Link Building Strategies

Four Traffic Methods to Avoid

Foursquare – How to get Started

Freelance Burnout Survival Techniques

Freelancers: How to Find Loyal Clients

Get People to Act with Urgent Offers

Getting Business When You’re the Little Guy

Go Viral on Facebook with Pages and Apps

Google Places: How to Get a High Ranking

Google Search Engine Optimization Tips

Google Search Engine Optimization Tools

Groupon for Local Business: Pros and Cons

Guest Blogging for PageRank

Guest Blogging for Traffic

Guest Blogging versus Other Traffic Methods Compared

Healthcare Options for the Self-Employed Business Owners

Hosting Events to Gain Local Clientele

How and When to Outsource Your Social Media

How Any Blog Can Generate More Comments

How Local Press Coverage Will Boost Your Business

How Social Media Can Deepen Connections

How Social Media Sites Can Improve Your SEO

How to Achieve All Star Feedback as a Freelancer

How to Apply Metrics and Statistics to Measuring Customer Connection

How to Become a Cutting-Edge Affiliate Manager

How to Become a Marketing Consultant

How to Buy Mobile Advertising

How to Contract a Fulfillment House

How to Create a Free Viral EBook

How to Create a Viral Infographic

How to Evaluate an Outsourcer

How to Find Affiliate Products That Sell Well

How to Find Jobs on Freelancer Websites

How to Get a Second JV Deal

How to Get More Blog Traffic

How to Get Testimonials

How to Hire a Great Project Manager

How to Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant

How to Incorporate Keywords into Your Website

How to Increase Your PLR Sales in Easy Steps

How to Keep Projects from Going Off Course

How to Make a Guest Blog Post Shine

How to Make a Squidoo Lens

How to Make Interacting with Fans Easy

How to Make Money Writing for HubPages

How to Make Your Company Stand Out

How to Manage Deadlines Effectively

How to Outsource Web Marketing

How to Predict and Plan for Potential Problems

How to Price Your Products and Services Appropriately

How to Re-Energize Your Profits

How to Start a Tweet Up Group for WAHMs

How to Streamline Your Company’s Email Processes

How to Successfully Launch and Market an App

How to Supercharge Your Word of Mouth Marketing

How to Survive a Tax Audit

How to Systematize Your Business and Make It Sellable

How to Talk So Your Customers Feel That You Understand Them

How to Turn Your Audios and Videos into CDs and DVDs

How to Use Email to Grow Your Social Audience and Reach

How to Use PR Stunts to Create Buzz around Your Products

How to Use Social Media to Get More Email Subscribers

How to Use WordPress for Affiliate Marketing

How to Use Your Personality to Attract Like Minded People

How to Write Quality Blog Content Quickly

How your Business can take advantage of VoIP

How Your Personality Affects Your Business

HTML5 Apps: What It Means for Savvy Business Owners

Identify Weaknesses in a Competitive Market

Identifying Your Marketing Personality

Important Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

Increase Visibility and Transparency Through Public Speaking

Increase Your Competitiveness by Selling Value, Not Commodities

Increasing Traffic On a Budget

Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Information Product Creation in Five Easy Steps

Information Publishing Success Tools

Internet Marketing Seminars 101

Inventory Your Skills: What Does the Business Need That You Can’t Do

Is Your Business Making Profits? Now What?

Is Your Core Message Inherently Motivating?

Joomla and Your Small Business

Juggle Family, Marriage and Work Effectively

Keyword Research Top Tips

Landing High Profile Guest Blog Spots

Launch a Viral “Tell a Friend” Program

Launching a Viral Campaign on YouTube and Digg with Fantastic Results

Local Marketing – Why Is It Important?

Making Money Selling Ad Space on Your Website

Managing Your Small Business Data Storage

Marketing Essentials to Gain Maximum Benefit

Marketing tips for Virtual Assistants

Microservice Sites for Technical Services

Morning Planning: The Most Important 30 Minutes of Your Day

Must-Have SEO Tools for Small Businesses

MySQL Injections: What Are They, How to Prevent Them

Need to Attract New Clients? Top-Notch Presentation Techniques and Tools

Networking: An Often Overlooked Guest Blogging Technique

Newspaper, Radio and Traditional Advertising

Off and On-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Office Aesthetics – Why Is It Important

Offline Marketing on $100 a Month

Off-Page and On-Page SEO – Why They Are Equally Important

Online Business Networking in 30 Minutes a Day

Online Profile Building 101

Organize Your Business Cards to Supercharge Your Networking

Organizing Your Desk and Your Computer Files

Outsourcing Programming: Bridging the Communication Gap

Outsourcing Video Marketing: It’s Time-Consuming, But It Doesn’t Have to Be Your Time

Personality Marketing: Knowing Where to Draw the Line

Phishing Attacks: What You Can Do to Prevent Them

Planning Projects: The Most Important Fundamentals

Podcasting – A Powerful and Consistent Way to Build Brand

Preparing Your Systems for the Holiday Rush

Price Manipulation Attacks – When You Don’t Get Paid

Professional Development for VAs – Why You Should Do It

Promotional Emails: When and What Promotions to Mail

Pros and Cons of Lowering Prices of Your Products and Services

Proven Tactics for Getting Free Referrals

Proven Ways of Getting People to Follow Your Blog

Proven Ways of Making Money from RSS Feeds

Proven Ways to Boost Your Freelancing Business

Public Speaking: More Credibility Than Any Paid Advertisement

Publishing Information Products – Beyond EBooks

Put Your Information Publishing Business on Autopilot

Quicken versus QuickBooks: Which Is Right for Your Company?

Radio Branding 101

Remnant Advertising – Branding through Magazines Affordably

Responsive Web Design – The Cutting Edge of Mobile Design

Root Exploits – The Death of an Unsecured ECommerce Site

Secrets of Local Press: The Art of Free Publicity

Secrets to Joint Venture Teleseminars

Secrets to Yelp Marketing Success

Secure Sockets Layers and Encryption for Ecommerce

Self-Employed: How to Find the Right Retirement Plan

Self-Publishing Digitally: Pros, Cons and Tips

SEO Outsourcing Explained

Seven Freebies You Can Give Away

Seven Guest Blog Article Templates

Seven Marketing Tips for Your Freelance Business

Seven Tips for Building Great Mobile Designs

Seven Ways to Market a Self-Published Book

Should You Outsource Your Business Accounting

Should You Pre-Write Your Blog Posts?

Simple Ways to Include SMS Marketing in Your Email Campaigns

Simple Ways to Promote Affiliate Offers

Six Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Six Easy Formats for Your Videos

Six Ways To Build Your Credibility

Six Ways to Make Coming Up with Tweet Ideas Easy

Smart and Effective Landing Page Designs

Smart Ways of Boosting Your Business on Foursquare

Smart Ways of Improving Your HubScore

Smart Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Blog Instantly

Smart Ways of Maintaining Your Online Search Rankings

Smart Ways of Managing Your Business Cash Flow

Smart Ways of Motivating Your Affiliates

Smart Ways of Promoting Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Smart Ways of Using Squidoo to Promote Your Business

Social Media Efficiency in Five Easy Steps

Sorting Out All Your To-Dos for Maximum Mental Clarity

Spring Cleaning Your Business Processes and Systems

Stop Struggling and Find an Info Product Niche That Works for You

Storytelling: The Missing Link for Building Customer Empathy

SWOT: A Classical yet Effective Competitive Research Tool

Take Stock of Your Finances: Cash Flow, Assets, Receivables, Expenses and More

Take the Work Out of Creating Tangible Products

Taking Advantage of Google Instant

Taking Care of Procrastinated Conversations

Tax Write-Offs for the Self-Employed

Techniques to Turn Criticism into Something Positive

Teleseminars – Great Way to Grow Your Business

Television Branding for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

The #1 Thing You Must Do To Increase Traffic

The 5 Different Types of Outsourcers You’ll Encounter

The Art and Science of Prioritizing Projects

The Art of the Free Consultation

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

The Bird’s Eye View: Are You On Track to Your Long-Term Goals?

The Bookformercial Concept: Why Turn EBooks into Books

The Budget Marketer’s Guide to Free PR

The Difference between B2B and “Regular” Social Networking

The Do’s and Don’ts on Twitter

The Essential First Step of Defining Your Project

The Five Don’ts of Mobile Website Design

The Five Main Reasons Every Blogger Should Guest Blog

The Five Most Common Ways to Exit a Business

The Flywheel: How One Step at a Time Builds Businesses

The Idea Behind Having One Core Metric

The Importance of Cutting Out Distractions in a Work Day

The Importance of Finding the Right Niche

The Importance of Optimizing Title Tags

The Mystery Item Giveaway

The Power of Network Marketing

The Questions-Based Approach for Understanding Customers

The Technology Side of Video Marketing

Thinking about Moving Your Business to Cloud?

Three Ideas for Marketing Your Store in the Holidays

Three Unusual Local Marketing Strategies

Tips for a High Converting Squeeze Page Video

Tips for Improving Email Deliverability

Tips for Making the Most of Google Places

Tips for Making the Transition to HTML5 Easy

Tips for Scheduling Your Tweets and Status Updates

Tips for Using Basecamp for Project Management

Tips for Using Microservice Sites Successfully

Tips for Writing Your Website to Make an Emotional Impact

To-Do List Management Techniques

Tools for Small Business Project Management

Top Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

Top Five Sales Funnel Mistakes

Top Seven Habits of Successful Bloggers

Top Tips – How to Write a Successful HubPage Article

Top Tips – On Choosing the Right Mobile Service for Your Business

Top Tips for Beating Rising Mail Costs

Top Tips for Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Top Tips for Creating Web Videos that Buzz

Top Tips for Hosting Successful Webinars

Track Your Hours and Examine Your Daily Schedule

Trade Shows: Accelerated Face to Face Branding

Translate Features to Benefits to Build More Motivation

Turn Your Passion into Cash in Six Easy Steps

Understanding Niche Research Methods

Use Mobile Apps to Manage Your Social Media

Use RSS Feeds To Stay Informed

Use the Mobile First Mindset for Simple yet Robust Websites

Use Viral PR Stunts to Explode Your Press Coverage

Using Freebies to Collect Email Signups

Using LinkedIn for B2B Social Networking

Using Microservice Sites for Design and Media

Using Pay Per Click in the Holiday Peak Season

Using PLR Products to Boost Your Blogging Success

Using Subtitles In Your Products

Using Video to Convey Personality and Warmth

Using WordPress for Affiliate Marketing

VA – How to Get Your First Client

Video Sales Letters: How to Make Them Convert

Viral Contests: How to Make a Contest Explode

Viral Videos: Still the King of the Viral World

Viral Web Apps: An Often Underlooked Viral Tool

Want to Be a VA? – How to Find Your Niche and Specialty

Web Analytics for Small Businesses 101

Website Marketing on $100 a Month

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

What Every Blog Should Have

What Is a Publicist and Should You Hire One for Your Book?

What Makes Email Calls to Action Work

What to Consider When Hiring an SEO Consultant

What to Do When Projects Are Off Course

What to Expect from the Self-Publishing Experience

What to Look for in a Good Accountant or Accounting Firm

What to Look for when Hiring an Accountant

What to Put in an Outsourcing Agreement

What You Need to Know about Payroll Management

When and How to Identify Your Next Market or Product

When Should You Pay Attention to HTML5

When to Outsource and When to Hire in House

Where to Find VA Opportunities

Who Hires Marketing Consultants?

Why and How to Develop a B2B Network before You Need It

Why and How to Turn Everyday Business into Processes

Why Email Marketing Is Still a Top Business Tool

Why Facebook Fans Are Important to Your Business

Why Having a Great Mobile Site Is Essential

Why Is Email and Social Media Integration Important?

Why You Absolutely Need a Sales Funnel

Why You Might Want to Relocate Your Business

Why You Should Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

Why You Shouldn’t Bombard Your Customers with Holiday Discounts

Will HTML5 Affect SEO?

WordPress Security Plug-Ins: Why You Should Have Them

WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress Widget Options

Work from Home Jobs on a Small Budget

Writing Enticing and Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Writing Good Product Reviews

Writing Magnetic Content

Your ECommerce Blog Needs Security Too

Your Funnel’s Top End: Selling $1,000+ Products and Workshops

Your HR Policies Can Make or Break Your Company

Your USP Can Be Your Most Powerful Motivational Tool

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