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Google Shares Above $700. Again. - John Paczkowski - News ...
By John Paczkowski
Google's shares passed $700 Friday, the first time they've done so since 2007.

VatorNews - Google purchases malware scanner VirusTotal
By Steven Loeb
Google purchases malware scanner VirusTotal. Google makes eighth purchase this year; and its fifth in the security space by Steven Loeb on September 07, 2012.
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Google's "Develop for Good" hackathon winners tackle environment ...
By Eliza Kern
Google held a "Develop for Good" hackathon for developers surrounding the company's June I/O conference, allowing developer groups using Google products to tackle a variety of projects related to human rights, the environment, and politics. ... startups and innovation from our San Francisco office. She is a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. As editor of the university's digital news service, Eliza devised the editorial strategy, managed the newsroom, and guided the team's public.

Google Mapping Tool Exposes Illegal Logging – News Watch
By Christine Dell'Amore
Conservationists working to save forests and species on the ground are looking to the sky, thanks to mapping tools and satellites that capture Earth like never before. One project, Eyes on the Forest, is lifting the veil on forest loss in Sumatra, ...
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How Google builds its maps — and what it means for the future of ...
By News Sources
How Google builds its maps — and what it means for the future of everything. by News Sources on September 8, 2012. Alexis Madrigal writes: Behind every Google Map, there is a much more complex map that's the key to your queries but ...
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Google quietly snaps up internet security firm VirusTotal for an ...
By Edgar Alvarez
And, as the internet security company confidently points out, the deal is "great news for you, and bad news for malware generators because Google's infrastructure will ensure that our tools are always ready, right when you need them." As for ...

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