Blogging may be a convenient method of expressing your thoughts and ideas but your efforts won’t count for much if your blog isn’t conspicuous to a wide audience. That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in – SEO techniques can provide the much-needed visibility boost to your blog thereby ensuring that you remain popular, contemporary, and reputable.

Presenting the choicest SEO tips and strategies to help market your blog in an effective manner:

1. Invariably Use Top-Quality Content

This is the most important and fundamental tactic. Superlative content is your blogging ticket to SEO success. In this connection, you must ensure that:

a) The blog content is attractive, properly written, and devoid of unwarranted jargon.

b) Multimedia like short movies, podcasts, and audio clips accompany your content for a more user-friendly experience.

c) Your material perseveres to enlighten and inform readers about subjects they are most interested in or topics on which online data is lacking.

d) You use first-rate plugins and attendant online tools to enhance your content.

e) The blog content is unwaveringly original and doesn’t violate Google’s stringent plagiarism norms.

f) You keep the content current and fresh by updating your posts frequently.

2. Employ Winning Titles

What you label your blog posts is vital to ensure high search engine rankings and traffic flow towards your blog. In this regard:

a) Ascertain that your titles are succinct – ideally not more than 60 characters – to facilitate search engine capture.

b) Make sure that your keywords figure at the beginning of your titles – this will make it easier for users to find your blog on search engine results especially those of Google, the market leader.

c) See that your titles are innovative, germane, and engaging to engender maximum appeal and readership.

3. Use an SEO-friendly Blogging Medium

Blogging mediums such as WordPress have gained fame owing to their polished mechanisms and helpful feature sets. You too are advised to harness this popular platform as:

a) You can utilize its many beneficial extensions and plugins. Extensions make your blog more customizable and plugins allow you to formulate sitemaps for search result success.

b) You can manage areas like blog design, internal bookmarking, and comment regulation in an enhanced fashion.

c) Your blog’s pages will load much swifter thus making for a more pleasant reader involvement.

4. Practice Intelligent Keyword Use

Blog keywords are crucial ingredients of your SEO campaign – hence you would do well to adopt the ensuing practices:

a) Finalize your main and auxiliary keywords based on what readers are constantly searching for. For this purpose, conducting an earnest market research is highly advisable.

b) See that the keywords are pertinent and correspond to the notions expressed in your posts.

c) Ensure that the keywords feature in all content elements such as titles, posts, bookmarks, and metadata material. Don’t forget to embed “alt attributes” in images to enable search recognition.

d) Avoid overcrowding keywords in a small content area – this will guarantee balanced search results.

e) Use of online tools such as Google’s AdWords Keywords to hone your content is also recommended.

5. Link and Engage Vigorously

Comprehensive linking can considerably boost your blog’s SEO rating. Hence you should:

a) Link your blog posts and inherent content with one another for a heightened bounce rating.

b) Incorporate your blog’s links in external portals to attract greater traffic and visibility.

c) Host external links on your blog to encourage greater user interest and social media participation.

d) Contribute to guest blog articles to showcase your presence and expertise.

6. Operate a Personal Domain

Lastly, employing a personal blogging domain emits a strong signal to the online community. Consequently this can significantly improve your search rating and brand identity.


Only a measured and persistent approach will ultimately guarantee SEO success – hence keep at it.

This is a guest post by Mark Bennett of Onlinecomcast.com, a site that offers savings and current information on comcast cable and internet deals. Visit us at http://www.onlinecomcast.com/comcast-xfinity.aspx.

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