Like Month 1 & Month 2, Harry turning 3 months has come around too quickly. I really want him to stay small forever. He is such a gentle boy. Rarely cries, is always smiling, gigling and remains to be a pleasure around. Even if he wasnt my little boy, I would still think all of this.He has a lovely nature and is a laid back little boy who loves to eat and sleep.

We have had a busy month, Harry has moved up in clothes sizes to 3-6 months, he is now sleeping in his crib,is finally taking one bottle a day of expressed milk (just 3oz and this takes an hour!). On Sunday I mixed 1.5 oz of pre-made formula with breast milk and he took this too. We are away next weekend and I’m afraid I wont have enough milk for him, so I’m preparing in advance.His feet touched the sand for the first time on the beach and he also had his big day out and was Christened last Saturday.

He is going to bed at 8:30pm every night. I give him his last feed at 8pm in our bedroom with the curtains closed and lights dimmed. He falls asleep while feeding. He wakes anytime between 2am and 5am and will have a nappy change, feed and sleep again until 7am.

DAYTIME: (this varies someday)

7am Feed

8am Short nap (45 mins)

Playtime on the mat

10:30am Feed and Nap (1.5hrs)


12:30 Feed and Nap (2-3hrs)

Feed on waking and we go out for the afternoon

5pm Feed and Nap (45 mins)

Bath at 7:30pm every other night

He is still in Size 2 newborn Pampers and we are using Water Wipes.

He is making great attempts to roll, trying to grab toys on his playmat, and will hold a little rattle for short periods of time.

He has his fists in his mouth and drooling quiet a bit at times, so I’m expecting his little teeth will be making an appearance in the next few months.

Harry is holding his head up for longer periods of time whilst sitting on our laps. He loves a splash in the bath, and I have now started to pour water over his head and let it fall over his face. He doesn’t bat an eyelid, just like his big sister!

We have his two month developmental check coming up, and I’ve no doubt he will be ok as he has reached all his 3 month milestones.

His eyes have stayed blue and his hair is still very blonde. He looks like his mummy, with a couple of his Daddy’s features – nose, toes and cheeks.

Life with two continues to be so busy, exhausting and stressful, but also very enjoyable and fun. We have two lovely children with completely opposite personalities…..but wouldn’t life be terribly boring if we were all the same!!

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T, A & H xxxxxx

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