Happy Friday!! Just finished my last dermatology clinic for the year and getting ready to head into a 3 day weekend - so excited!! I usually try and think about all the great things going on when they're actually happening (helps with the whole "living in the moment" effort), but it's hard to not spend a little time reminiscing at the end of the year about the things you loved the most. Today I wanted to round up a little list of a few of my favorite things from this year. It's always hard to pick a "favorite" and I'm sure if I thought long enough about it I'd remember even more, but here are some!

favorite memory

Family cruise. I just realized I never actually posted about our cruise - but this was huge for us. We never really got a break in between intern year in Boston and starting our advanced residencies here in Miami (and the little break we did get was spent driving down the coast for our move), so our family vacation this fall was so necessary! It's always hard with two people in residency to get vacation time that overlaps, but we made it work this year and our trip was incredible! If you guys have any questions about it I'd love to answer more maybe in a specific post, just ask in the comments section! A super close second was our Barbados trip that N and I took for Valentine's day - it was pretty much the best trip ever and we love reminiscing about it!

favorite daily accessory

Daniel Wellington watch. This is another one that isn't new for 2016 - last year this was also my go-to. But this year I did switch it up a tiny bit and get a black face watch as well - a fun little spin on the classic. This watch just goes with everything, and I love it because I can even keep track of time when I can't actually check my phone in clinic or mid-surgery (so funny that our phones have become our new time-keepers for most of us as opposed to a good-old watch)! But thankfully I'm getting back to the way things used to be and telling time the classic way! PS - you can still get 15% off with code LAURALACQUER15!

favorite challenge

The Miami move. We're not growing if we're not challenging ourselves, and while we don't need to be challenging ourselves all the time, we certainly need to now and then! This year's big challenge was our move to Miami (and starting our advanced residencies, but I think the move was harder than the new positions). You can read more about our move here and how I decided to change our situation for the best. We currently love Miami and are even considering buying out here, so the challenge was well worth it!

favorite TV show

Catastrophe. N and I are total "show" people, and we are definitely binge-watchers. We'll go months without watching a good series and then find one and watch it all in 2 or 3 nights. That's what we did with the first 2 seasons of Catastrophe - it's a UK show that is available in the US by Amazon Video (part of Amazon Prime - one of our favorite ways to watch TV - I have all the girls' movies on there)! When the girls are asleep we'll eat some take out and watch hours at a time! I especially loved this show because it was just so damn real, and as opposed to being taken out to some fantasy realm, we were left being able to bring it back to our own lives and talk about it. Anyway, definitely worth a watch, and we'll be on the lookout for our next series to eat up!

favorite beauty product

Cerave sunscreen. This is nothing new for 2016. But I think what is worth mentioning is that this year I did learn a hell of a lot more about sunscreen thanks to dermatology residency and even switched to a different brand for a bit (this one, which I still have a ton of derm friends and mentors who swear by, but it just wasn't right for me), but came right back to my favorite. And at less than $15 (and usually on sale for less) it's the best on a budget! Now I have tons of patients who love it too! Daily sun protection (not just when you go to the beach lol) is a key to flawless skin - especially if you struggle with hyperpigmentation (dark spots) - you can spend a ton on "fading creams" and even lasers but if you're not wearing sunscreen daily it will all be for nothing! And of course it helps with premature aging and skin cancer prevention! For more of my beauty favorites check out my most up-to-date post I did in November on my current beauty routine!

favorite investment

Double jogging stroller. I'm kicking myself for not buying this sooner, but it was a relatively big purchase for me and I definitely don't take those lightly! But our Thule jogging stroller has been incredible, and it's given N another way to spend quality time with both girls, and me the chance to have some quiet time at home now and then. And I even use now and then (not for jogging lol, maybe someday), and it's just so smooth and easy to maneuver for a double!

favorite outfit

Figs scrubs. If I could wear scrubs everyday I would. But sometimes you can feel a little frumpy in said hospital-issued scrubs. But not with Figs. I have at least 4 different sets and will definitely be getting more when I'm baby-bump-free hahaha! I get excited thinking about when I'm actually practicing on my own - I think I'll wear Figs scrubs everyday and have a full closet of them! As will all of my nurses lol! Seriously, though, if you haven't given them a try and have to wear scrubs for school or work, give these a shot.

favorite shoes

My blush Sofft slip-ons. When I have to dress up for clinic, you all know I've professed my love for these flats. You just will never find anything comparable at that price/style/comfort level. But like I said above, if I could I'd be in scrubs everyday, and with those I've been loving my Sofft slip-ons. They are seriously the most comfortable and I don't think one day goes by that someone doesn't compliment me on them. These were also the only sneaker I took with me on vacation and they never let me down! Perfect with shorts or leggings (my usual weekend go-to) or scrubs! And the color for me is just the best - blush is definitely a neutral in my book, but it's still a nice change from my usual grey black or tan (although they are available in those colors too if that's what you prefer).

favorite chance taken

Creating an e-course. I pondered doing this for so long, and worked on the content for it for even longer, but it was still so scary to take the plunge and actually release the e-course. But I did this spring and the feedback from most of you was incredible! Not everyone understood, and that's ok, not everyone always will, but those who joined the course with me really took so much from it - the comments and messages you guys sent about the change it made in your lives really meant so much to me. The course is still available now if any of you still want to join, and again feel free to leave any questions in the comments section or shoot me a message! For this week heading into the new year you can get 20% off with code NEWYEAR! I'm really considering creating another course - this one much smaller and focused on starting, maintaining, and promoting a successful blog - would love to hear your thoughts if it's anything at all that sounds interesting to you!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this fun round-up post - 2016 has definitely been a great year and 2017 only promises more to look forward to! You guys know I keep it real - there will be (and have been) plenty of sleep deprived days and arguments and times I want to lock myself in the car, but the beauty in life is realizing that's normal, and to move past those things as quickly as possible (while addressing them of course) and focus on the good. Because there truly is just so much good, so much beauty. After all that's why I started this blog - to put a shiny coat on top of the rough edges and show you that life, even when we make it challenging and go after what we want and take the road less taken, can still be so sweet!

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