If you have ever wondered why Facebook seems to be all the rage these days in online marketing, it’s for a very good reason indeed. Facebook rocks, not only as a social network for you to see what your friends are up to, but it’s a great marketing tool too.

So that’s why you might have seen many FB courses coming up lately since last year. Out of these courses, I’ll be reviewing FB Fever here today. This is one of my latest favorites just released as of Feb 2014. It’s written by marketer AJ Montoya, who is famous for 2 WSOs of the Day, both on FB too and launched in partnership with Gaurab Borah: Simple FB Profits and Simple FB Listbuilding.

So now here comes FB Fever, and it’s one of the most comprehensive courses on FB I’ve seen at a rock-bottom price at less than $20. Here’s what you get:


Module 1 – Fan Page Domination

Fan Pages are a very hot item on Facebook today. You get to learn about niche selection, setting up fan pages the correct way, and quickly growing these fan pages through Facebook ads while working on a small budget.


Module 2 – CPA Mastery

You will learn how to get accepted to CPA networks despite being a newbie, how to find high converting CPA offers, how to cloak and track your affiliate links, and how to post them to your Facebook pages for maximum visibility and conversions.


Module 3 – Hands Free Payday

Ever heard of making money printing T-shirts? Yes, you get to learn how to make money through the use of Teespring Campaigns, including how to find ideas for designs, where to hire cheap graphic designers, how to profit from trends, and how to easily scale your campaigns upwards.


Module 4 – Monthly Payday Blueprint

Imagine earning streams of recurring revenue by working as a Facebook Marketing Consultant?. You will learn the responsibilities of a Consultant, and how to easily find clients who are willing to pay big money for your help growing and managing their fan pages. Interesting offline-based business in bringing more businesses online! J


Module 5 – $50 A Day System

This is my favorite module, being a quick summary of AJ’s earlier WSO on Simple FB Profits. You will learn and effective method for creating small streams of $25-$75 daily income through promoting upcoming affiliate products using simple but highly targeted Facebook ads.


Module 6 – List Building Guru

Not surprisingly, what comes next is list building, which AJ builds off his 2nd WSO Simple FB Listbuilding. You will learn how to build your list easily with Facebook ads, as well as how to use Conversion Pixels and tracking codes to split test your ad campaigns to maximize your ad effectiveness while reducing ad spends.


Module 7 – Affiliate Cash Targeter

Another favorite of mine, here you will learn a unique method of promoting affiliate products to your email subscribers without even sending any emails to your list. Sounds strange? This unique but extremely powerful method of retargeting has proven highly profitable and effective for many marketers.


Additional Modules

One of the best features of this course, where additional modules teaching new Facebook marketing techniques will get added to the Members Area without any extra charge, although the cost of this course is only a one-time fee with no monthly recurring. 

What I particularly liked about AJ’s style is also his clear and friendly approach, which helps when explaining the course in his videos. He is easy to listen to, and consistent with my earlier experience with his 1st WSO Simple FB Profits, he is very responsive and replies emails quickly and clearly.

So with all that said, if you’re keen on mastering the different ways of making money with Facebook in the shortest possible time without a large budget to spend, I would highly recommend this course as providing one of the best values considering its useful, relevant content.

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If you grab this course through this website, you will also get a bonus course titled: Facebook Marketing Made Easy. This package will further strengthen your basics in Facebook marketing to help you reach more customers, make more sales, and more profits. It includes 4 components:


* Core Training Guide: FaceBook Marketing Made Easy

* Bonus Report: The Top 10 Highly Effective FaceBook Marketing Tricks Report

* Cheat Sheet: Your Quickstart Guide To Grow Your Business With FaceBook

* Mind Map: A Quick Overview of The Complete Training, with Every Step Covered.

This bonus will be instantly downloadable from JVZoo in your purchases area once you have completed the purchase.

Click Here to get FB Fever

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