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Being healthy and fit is not just a trend or fad; it is the way of living. Starving for a week or two to become fit not only ruins your health but can also increase fat accumulation in some people. Here lies the relevance of Paleo Diet which follows the Paleolithic era which was unadulterated and pellucid. Most of them consider their body as invincible until they feel something has completely deteriorated their health. Paleogrubs is considered as “Bible” by many people around the globe for its healthy recipes solely based on natural ingredients only. Recipes contained in this book contain no refined sugar, legumes, grains or dairy products.

Concept about Paleo diet

Paleo diet strictly follows those food items which were abundant during Stone Age and even before agriculture came into vague. In short paleo diet makes use of pure and nascent food items like lean meats, wild fish, vegetables, nuts and olive oil that they solely depend upon.

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Paleogrubs comes with over 470 delicious Paleo recipes in 17 categories. High resolution color photos provided for the recipes are visually enthralling.

User would have instant access to eBook. Now you can clear the air about your diet plan and start cherishing healthy physique, weight loss, sharp mind, and above all positive attitude towards life by eating wholesome, natural ingredients that truly nurture. One is allowed to cook food in Paleo as opposed to raw foodie who would not allow food to cross excessive temperature.

Benefits of PaleoGrubs

Excellent option for foodies who are fond of meat like me.

Health benefits

Weight loss

Balanced Blood Pressure

Enhanced Lipid Profile

Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity

Heart also benefits from following Paleo Diet

Recent academic reports published in Biomed Central Journal brings to limelight the fact that Type-2 diabetics patients who followed Paleo Diet for consecutive three months period had considerably reduced cardiovascular disease and also had enhanced insulin sensitivity. Paleo diet can even slow down aging process.

Precise guide for Nutrition-Paleogrubs is verified by nutritionists and they recommend this for better health. It would surely make you crave for more as well.

Complete Package for family-Satisfying kids and feeding them is often a difficult task for parents. But from my personal experience I would suggest readers to buy and abide by this book for healthy recipes especially for kids. Parents can set an example for kids by educating them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Builds confidence to cook meals from scratch

Best option for those who are novice to Paleo Diet- Diet plan is elucidated in clear and lucid manner and the illustrations are visually appealing as well. Paleogrubs is suited for everyone irrespective of age and physique.

Paleogrubs is easily accessible from mobiles as well.

The recipes are laid out in a manner that is easy to comprehend, so you will be sure to adhere to it and grasp the right method to do cooking.

Now let us have a quick glance at what are the added benefits that comes with this book.

10 week meal plan- One has quick access to 10 weeks of Paleo diet plan that comprises of breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

Paleo Desserts- Additional book that comprises of 40desserts that are both grain-free and dairy-free products. It has everything starting from Blackberry almond bars, Peach Cobbler to Strawberry cakes.

Slow Cooker Meals-Consists of 30 delicious and healthy slow cooker recipes that are delectable at the same time.

Comparison with Similar diet approach

Atkins follow low-cab approach whereas Paleo is not even concerned about carbs. Carbs is totally eliminated in Atkins diet. Paleo outperforms Atkins in terms of long-term stability, health and sustained weight management.

South Beach Diet- South Beach diet is solely dependent upon Mediterranean approach towards eating which is turn similar to Atkins. South Beach Diet promotes using grains, dairy and legumes while decreasing meat consumption.

Potential Benefits of following Paleo Diet

Healthy Cells and brain

Human Cell is composed of saturated and unsaturated fat. Proper balance between these constituents is instrumental for healthy life. Omega three fatty acid and PUFA is abundant in Paleo Diet which nurtures overall growth and development and better physique. Paleo Diet also ensure that one gets clearer skin and healthier looking hair.

Paleo Grubs Book

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Curbs Fat Level

Paleo diet is highly dependent on animal flesh, potential source of protein which aids growing of muscle cells. This helps in increasing metabolism level and reduces fat cells gradually

Better Digestion

Junk food and excessive usage of sugar can cause inflammation inside your intestinal tract. Processed foods combined with high stress level you can induce “leaky gut syndrome” caused by inflammatory messenger like cytokines. Studies reveal that Paleo diet is effective for people suffering from respiratory problems like asthma. Gastrointestinal problems are also reduced to a greater extent.

Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

Paleo diet often serves as crucial source of nutrients, (folic acid) and vitamins. This helps a person to have higher immunity level by absorbing nutrients effectively from food. By consuming more food rich in Paleo diet one would be less prone to allergies as well.

More energy

Do you wonder why energy drinks has become so popular in recent days? Because even your diet plan needs to be revised like your salary package.

Weight loss

The Paleo diet is a low carb diet by design. By removing processed foods and concentrating more on Paleo diet one can simply catalyze weight loss

Clean eating

Paleo follows clean eating principles by choosing fresh products and organic meats

Safe while pregnant or breast feeding

Paleo diet restricts a lot of harmful foods that might pose problems during pregnancy and even breastfeeding.

Reduce diseases

Following well-balanced diet can significantly lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and even deadly diseases like cancer.

Paleo reduces consumption of food items that make you more prone to PCOS and could at least provide you short-term relief. PCOS is a condition that involves creation of cysts in ovaries which is considered as the major cause for infertility in women.

Keratosis Pilaris-Paleo can also save you from the occurrence of Keratosis Pilaris. One of the major cause for the skin disease is gluten. We know that Paleo is gluten-free as it excludes usage of grains. Diet could also compensate for nutritional gaps that might occur by not consuming grains.

Fibromyalgia- Studies reveal that patients suffering from Fibromyalgia got considerable relief by following Paleo Diet.

Arthritis- Paleo is also considered as remedy for people suffering from Arthritis.

Good for acne-In cases where acne is worsened by either wheat or dairy consumption, Paleo would surely serve as a savior.

Acid reflux-Recent reports have revealed that Paleo helps with GERD. If a person is suffering from acid reflux and is looking for cure without medicine ,Paleo is a sure shot remedy.

Enhanced glucose tolerance

Paleo diet also ensures decreased insulin secretion and thereby increased insulin sensitivity

In simple words, Paleo is all about eat until you feel satisfied mentality and is against “you can eat all” mentality that usually everyone follows. Paleo when integrated with yoga or other fitness programs can make you stronger and revolutionize your concepts about body-building.

Paleo is the best option for athletes where they can find proper balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Consumption of meats make sure that your body gets enough protein that plays crucial role in developing muscle for sports and other athletic activities. Paleo is also touted as the best option for those performing Cross Fit, but it is not mandatory that one should follow Paleo alone for performing Cross Fit exercises.

Paleo is something one can start following today and adhere to for the rest of your life. What should you “go off’ to? Junk foods that give you momentary happiness and illness for the rest of your life?

PaleoGrubs is available at very economic rate as low as 37 dollars. And the best part is that if you are not floored by the recipes they provide 60 day money-back guarantee as well. What else a customer can demand for?

After reviewing the book, it is easy to grasp why Paleo diet is the best diet plan for your family. There is no reason you shouldn’t adhere to Paleo diet or at least use it as a substitute for at least some of the dietary choices. It sounds pretty cool when you tell your buddies you “went Paleo”. As the proverb says,” it is better late than never”. Give Paleogrubs a chance to explain you recipes and you would surely be taken to another level of fitness and nourishment.

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