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Al-Hamdulillah, finally I managed to blog this amazing beauty supplement that really works on me (duh, of course) and I think it is one of great opportunity from Millenial Gen Company where the product is giving good benefits towards ladies and also girls as early as 13! How cool is that!

Hello, sexy ♥ Yes, Now is the right item to call it sexy LOL I'm blown away with the cute pink bottle because it represents all women who have soft spot when it comes to pink and feminine side, and on top of that, the illustration is really seductive with quoted 'Supplemen dalaman mewangikan tubuh sepanjang masa' Excuse the bunch of lipsticks I got as Harum Malam's prop because that lipsticks is the bomb and I'm gonna update later. In shaa ALLAH. Too much pending post, I hope I can catch all of them by limited time *sigh*

Harum Malam claims that besides enhancing as beauty supplement, it also acts as intimacy boost for married couple. It helps people to prevent body odors, giving stamina and good energy throughout the day. Harum Malam is a mixtures of Rose extract, Betel, Figs, raisins, Goji Berry, Honey, Pueraria lobata and many herbs extract. At first when I tasted it, it really delicious and I wish I could drink all out but I gotta have to follow the instructions. 2 times a day, 5ML during day and 5ML during night. Classic way of consuming any beauty supplements in Malaysia, with LOTSAAA drinking water after that except during at night.

Backview of Harum Malam. The other benefits provided by the product is that, it's really help reducing major discharge, V-odors, eliminate toxins inside body and function as detox. For ladies who experiencing irregular period cycle, drink up! Harum Malam is perfect for you!

You can always check the originality of the product by scanning this baby using visual, light and mobile phone. Check out Millenial Gen facebook for more deets about this!

The texture is very light and not too thick, not like when you accidentally lick a toothpaste. The taste is amazingly delicious and I just love the smell too! Most of the time, I believe Harum Malam is a must have product for every married couple for happy and long-life marriage. In shaa ALLAH, well, we can only decide but ALLAH plans all of it. But, Harum Malam is great alternative to make sure every wedding is full of sugar and sweet. Y'know what I mean *wink*

Besides that, Harum Malam help to enhance your body assets and increase metabolism when it comes to control your body weight. See? all benefits in one product! You can get your body goal and feel pretty all the time. I really enjoy consuming this product and it helps me in in whatever benefits the products assures of. Each bottle sell at price RM33(SM) and RM39.00 (SS)

Le myself selfie after consuming Harum Malam. It is soo good for my body and idk, maybe when I'm with my man? LOL *kidding about last part, wadehek*

For more information about Harum Malam, click on their Website and Facebook for more information.



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