Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!QRJRkagT!G-6Nrj...DgeY3a2gx82CTY

Whether you use the base or not, you can use it to find the protocol changes I made for my client if you want to use it.

What's changed:

-Player saving is done through serializing player object

-Official Clans

-Clan Wars

-Various server bugs fixed(that were reported by my users when I was testing this)

-Better way to handle SQL queries(Abstract design with support for ways to handle results)

-Protocol changes for support for my client.

What you need to do:

-Disable the forum login check, unless you wantyour ipb forums integrated with this.

Pictures are in the spoiler below.

RX Client & Update Server(includes a few new methods to dump and pack) that was made to work with this source:

Spoiler for client & u.s.:

This is the client I was going to be using for RX 317, however, I've decided to change revisions and I no longer have use for this. This client was based off of allantois's client although there was a number of changes and additions given below.

My goal for this client was to provide a very customize-able atmosphere. Although I had fully accomplished what I desired before deciding to change revisions, there's quite a lot of what I wanted done(still missing some major pieces to be considered fully customize-able in my own opinion).

Update List: (I bolded key stuff that's in paragraphs as this was copied straight from my site's update logs)

Spoiler for Update Log:

Fixed player identity kits.

Setup client options & settings(including loading and saving them).

Fixed sprite index interfering with the sprites loaded from the media archive in configs on interfaces.

Began merging all sprites to the sprite index of the cache instead of seperate caches.

Fixed crown issues.

Added yell filter to the chat channels.

Made quick chats display the quick chat icon next to the username in chatbox(useful for displaying skill level).

Setup & fixed any tab issues, and defined all tabs(there is not an empty tab in the tab area).

Fixed xp packet(for gained xp orbs).

Began setting up all the client settings ranging from gameframe versions, menu versions, hitsplat versions to HD settings such as fog, smooth shading, textures.

Working on getting models textured fully to give a more HD experience.

Refactored more of the client to make it even more easy to work with.

Setting up way to load new item models & old ones.
Refractored Decompressor class to assist in loading models > 65k(718 models)

NPC models are now textured, working on objects, items, projectiles.

In other news, the underlay texture ID for most of the ground has been changed to look a bit more HD.

Also added a command to toggle the underlay texture ID so during beta you guys can test around with it.

^ preview: Screenshot by Lightshot

^preview different texture id: Screenshot by Lightshot

Also fixed GE maps in HD mode, however, the texture isnt appearing. Will fix fully for HD mode soon, for now the GE tile arent textured, still looks fine.

Refractored most of the Region class in the client.

Most of the client work today was for my personal benefit -- I refactored over 20 methods probably, about 15-20 variables in the Client class, the entire Rasterizer class & entire Region class(both of which will hopefully assist in tile blending). Started just going through the entire Client class(which is the largest class in the client) and started refactoring methods and variables in them. Doing so will help me get a better understanding of the client than I already have.

Last night I also began working on tweening, hopefully I'll have something to show you guys soon.

Last night I also worked on smooth shading for textures, it half way worked and I'll try it again soon(currently smooth shading is only working when textures are disabled -- this is not good cuz water is always textured and it looks shitty with those scratchy square shadows it has on it). Credits to bubbletan for the methods of HD shaded textures & HD shaded lines.

Added toggable hitmarks and hitbar 317, 562, 632
Login, Loading, and client settings menu with abstract design
Added 2D particles for login screen

Fixed a lot of missing objects -- a work still in progress as they are found. (interference of 317 maps mixed with 667)

Fix quick prayer/curse interface

Player Title support

Spent the morning redoing text in menus and tooltips to use the new text engine.

They now show all correct text effects & images. Screenshot by Lightshot

Quick prayer/curse is setup correctly in client.

Player titles are setup correctly in client.

Began server development and configuring.

Right Click reply-to-pm.

Toggable crowns in menu.

Working on perfecting clan chats: Screenshot by Lightshot (creds to blade for the interface)

Tab-reply to pm is added.

Moving typing cursor position! It was hard to record this in the amount of time gyazo gives, but here: http://gyazo.com/274...d17bc77cf16f0fc is the new feature of typing that has never been implemented in the 317 client. One of the most annoying things about typing on the 317 client is that you have to backspace completely to change anything in your text. This is no longer the case. Now all you have to do is press CTRL + left/right Arrow key to change your typing cursor position! This is working 100% with no known errors.

Text Wrapping! Another annoying thing about typing on the 317 client is that you are limited to one line, and 99% of the time all we need is that extra line to show a few more words that we've typed. I've extended the typing limit from 80 to 250, however, you are limited to two lines of text per "enter". This will be well enough. ALSO, when typing as your text that you are typing extends pass this: Screenshot by Lightshot the text will automatically begin moving to the left so that you are able to continue typing past that point.

Fixed HP orb fill percentage.

Fixed chatbox actions (add friend, message, etc..) for different channel buttons(couldnt add a friend who sent you a pm, but could in public chat).

Removing friends fixed.

Added new text engine support for tooltips.

-Removed login music as it was annoying to me every time i loaded the client

Any bugs you visually encountered with Allantois(such as the interfaces) have been fixed. The memory usage is still high though(not as high but high).

Many of the things in the list are to let you know whats different between this & allantois even though some of them are common/basic/easytodo.


Settings: (this one is outdated, there's about 4 more settings )

Login: (creds to blade for the heads)

Screeny of client:

Moving typing cursor pos:

Clan war victory/loss interface:

Bounty interfaces:

Login screen particles(click mp4 to see):
Gyazo - 1198d5765f022d6bd27c20ecb2fe22bd.gif

Update Server

-The update server in the following package is required to run this client(if you're using jaggrab/ondemand-- if you're going to use download the entire cache on startup, don't worry about it)

-The protocol has been updated to send/receive an int for the file id rather than a short.

-Added a method to dump data from the cache from each indexand archives of the config index(you'll see if you take a look at it -- I've also setup folders for the data dumped)

Known Bugs(Will update if I fix or someone submits a fix):

-Item models disappear for ~half a second if new items is enabled & tweening is enabled.

-When using old IDK's some of the ones past the max old ID show up invisible(mainly just jaw)

-Item ID's < 1k show up invisible due to new IDK implementation. There is a cheaphax for some of the items, but an overral fix wasn't added

This package includes the client & an updated version of apollo's update server(the update server also has the cache in it. THIS UPDATE SERVER IS REQUIRED[contains protocol changes]):

Client,Cache,Update Server: http://www.rune-server.org/runescape...nx-client.html

Change IP in Configurations.java



@echo off

title allen is amazing

java -cp bin; Client




-Owner Blade(original allantois client)

-Bubbletan(smooth shading)

-Lost Valentino(tweening -- partially)

-Graham(update server)


100% Credits to Mikey for the endeavor base itself (He gave me permission to re-release, although rules say it wasn't needed)

100% Credits to me for what was listed above as added to the base.


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