In the foyer of the Stockholm Opera House in, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

TBEX Stockholm

The Under the Rainbow Flag tour began under overcast skies at Stockholm's stunningly beautiful Woodlands Cemetery, where Greta Garbo is buried. It was one of several pre-TBEX Stockholm activities.

The grounds are expansive, contemplative, and restful. All of the gravestones are low key. Most are tastefully planted with flowers.

Greta’s grave is larger than the others, but even hers is modest in comparison to her international stature as a Hollywood film icon.

The tour continued through the city's most environmentally sustainable district to Gamla Stan, a.k.a. Old Town, where Sweden's attempt to become the world's most LGBT friendly society was passionately explained.

One of the government’s other goals is to become the world’s first feminist government. If I remember correctly, half of the members of parliament are women.

Stockholm Opera House

Stockholm Opera House. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Our next stop was the Stockholm Opera House. Our tour began with French champagne and Swedish strawberries.

Our tour guide's stunning musicals skills were put on display on the keyboard of a grand piano. We were then given an in-depth tour and a brief introductory lesson in ballet.

Then we paid a much too brief visit to Abba The Museum, which was full of interactive facilities. Happily, we will make a return visit for another TBEX event on Friday night.

Our final stop was Malarpaviljongen, which has got to be Stockholm’s loveliest food and beverage outlet.

It is gay-owned and operated, but thanks to the inclusive nature of Swedish society, the clientele is mixed.

Our tour was supposed to end with one glass of rose, but there were several. We were also hosted for a mouth-watering dinner of Swedish meatballs.

Please look over my shoulder as I tour Stockholm under the rainbow flag!

Special thanks to our charming host Marco Giertz, the guides at the Opera House, and owners of Malarpaviljongen.

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