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Gregory University Vacancy for various academic and non-academic positions is currently underway.

Gregory University (GU), a Private Christian University located in Uturu, Abia State in Nigeria. The Gregory University is named after Pope St. Gregory I (540 – 604 AD) better known as Gregory the Great.

Academic/Non-Academic Staff Positions

Available Positions

1.) Professor (Anatomy)
2.) Associate Professor (Anatomy)
3.) Senior Lecturer (Anatomy)
4.) Lecturer I & II (Anatomy)
5.) Assistant Lecturer (Anatomy)
6.) Chief Technologist (Anatomy)
7.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Anatomy)
8.) Principal Technologist (Anatomy)
9.) Senior Technologist (Anatomy)
10.) Technologist I & II (Anatomy)
11.) Technologist I & II (Physiology)
12.) Senior Technologist (Physiology)
13.) Principal Technologist (Physiology)
14.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Physiology)
15.) Chief Technologist (Physiology)
16.) Assistant Lecturer (Physiology)
17.) Lecturer I & II (Physiology)
18.) Senior Lecturer (Physiology)
19.) Associate Professor (Physiology)
20.) Professor (Physiology)
21.) Professor (Biochemistry)
22.) Associate Professor (Biochemistry)
23.) Assistant Lecturer (Biochemistry)
24.) Chief Technologist (Biochemistry)
25.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Biochemistry)
27.) Senior Technologist (Biochemistry)
28.) Technologist I & II (Biochemistry)
29.) Technologist I & II (Computer Engineering)
30.) Technologist I & II (Chemical Engineering)
31.) Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry)
32.) Lecturer I & II (Biochemistry)
33.) Technologist I & II (Petroleum Engineering)
34.) Technologist I & II (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
35.) Technologist I & II (Mechanical Engineering)
36.) Technologist I & II (Civil Engineering)
37.) Senior Technologist (Civil Engineering)
38.) Principal Technologist (Civil Engineering)
39.) Principal Technologist (Mechanical Engineering)
40.) Principal Technologist (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
41.) Principal Technologist (Petroleum Engineering)
42.) Principal Technologist (Chemical Engineering)
43.) Principal Technologist (Computer Engineering)
44.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Computer Engineering)
45.) Senior Technologist (Computer Engineering)
46.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Chemical Engineering)
47.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Petroleum Engineering)
48.) Senior Technologist (Chemical Engineering)
49.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
50.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Mechanical Engineering)
51.) Deputy Chief Technologist (Civil Engineering)
52.) Senior Technologist (Petroleum Engineering)
53.) Chief Technologist (Civil Engineering) www.premiumjobsng.com
54.) Senior Technologist (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
55.) Chief Technologist (Mechanical Engineering)
56.) Senior Technologist (Mechanical Engineering)
57.) Chief Technologist (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
58.) Chief Technologist (Petroleum Engineering)
59.) Chief Technologist (Chemical Engineering)
60.) Chief Technologist (Computer Engineering)
61.) Assistant Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
62.) Lithographers (Printing Press)
63.) Graphic Designers (Printing Press)
64.) Assistant Chief Operators (Printing Press)
65.) Chief Operators (Printing Press)
66.) Marketers (Printing Press)
67.) Accountants (Printing Press)
68.) Press Manager (Printing Press)
69.) Chief Executive officer/MD (Security Outfit)
70.) Deputy Director Estate Development & Maintenance
71.) Director Estate Development & Maintenance
72.) Assistant Registrar
73.) Senior Assistant Registrar
74.) Deputy Registrar
75.) Senior Librarian
76.) Principal Librarian
77.) Professor (Civil Engineering)
78.) Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)
79.) Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
80.) Deputy Librarian
81.) University Librarian
82.) Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
83.) Professor (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
84.) Senior Lecturer (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
85.) Professor (Petroleum Engineering)
86.) Professor (Chemical Engineering)
87.) Professor (Computer Engineering)
88.) Senior Lecturer (Petroleum Engineering)
89.) Associate Professor (Computer Engineering)
90.) Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering)
91.) Associate Professor (Petroleum Engineering)
92.) Senior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)
93.) Associate Professor (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
94.) Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
95.) Associate Professor (Civil Engineering)
96.) Senior Lecturer (Computer Engineering)
97.) Assistant Lecturer (Computer Engineering)
98.) Lecturer I & II (Civil Engineering)
99.) Assistant Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)
100.) Lecturer I & II (Mechanical Engineering)
101.) Lecturer I & II (Elect/Electronic Engineering)
102.) Assistant Lecturer (Petroleum Engineering)
103.) Lecturer I & II (Petroleum Engineering)
104.) Lecturer I & II (Chemical Engineering)
105.) Assistant Lecturer (Electrical / Electronics Engineering)
106.) Lecturer I & II (Computer Engineering)
107.) Assistant Lecturer (Civil Engineering)

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should submit six (6) typewritten copies of their applications along with CV and credentials given the following in the order listed below:
•Post of which application is submitted
•Permanent Home Address
•Date of Birth
•Marital Status
•Name and Address of Spouse (if married)
•Number of Children with ages
•Next of kin
•Institution attended with qualification obtained
•Previous employment with dates
•Duties performed
•Current salary indicating level and step
•Name and address of three (3) referees

Application should be addressed to:
The Registrar,
Gregory University, Uturu,
PMB 1012,
Achara, Uturu,
Abia State.

For further enquiries
Tel: 08037075086
Email: a.orisakwe@gregoryuniversity.com or brosleek@yahoo.com


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