The Heidelberg Engineering Academy has announced they are setting up a new faculty, made up of likeminded optometric practitioners who are passionate about promoting enhanced clinical services, and developing clinical confidence in a multi-modal imaging approach to improved patient care in the community.

The primary function of the faculty will be to support educational events nationwide to promote enhanced clinical services in the community and raise the standard of multimodal imaging education in optometry. These events will deliver both clinical and commercial expertise, as well as CET accreditation, and will be offered in different educational formats including workshops, lectures and peer discussion.

“Our Ophthalmology Faculty has been very successful and we are excited to now be launching an Optometry Faculty,” explains Christopher Mody, director of clinical services for Heidelberg Engineering . “We are honoured to have Jude Edwards as our faculty chair and Professor John Nolan as our guest speaker at the first Optometric Masterclass during 100% Optical 2016.”

The inaugural event will be held during 100% Optical aboard the Sunborn Yacht, next to ExCel London, on Sunday 7th February 2016. This educational networking opportunity will focus on the personal experiences of optometrists who have made a success of OCT in practice, including Jude Edwards, chair of the optometric faculty.

Registration to attend the event will open in the New Year. However, you can register your interest now by emailing Academy-UK@HeidelbergEngineering.com.

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