Sale – Private .com launches its newprivate sale swimsuit Princess Tam Tam. (link: Sales – private .com)Sunday, may 6 at 9: 00 on Wednesday, May 9 to 6 h, you can enjoy reduced prices on a selection of models of the brand. This is an opportunity to offer you a beautiful swimsuit Princess Tam.Tam brand that does so much dream women.

Sale – Private .com is a circle private destocking of major brands. Each day, the site organizes new event sales in partnership with large international claws. During these sales, its members can take advantage of promotions ranging from-50 to-70% on the ready-to-wear, lingerie, accessories, articles of sports, travel, decoration and even wine. Sale – Private .com is a Guide to good plans should absolutely know. Registration to this private club is based on sponsorship.

Princess Tam Tam: A Young And Feminine Brand

Sales – Private .com lance so Sunday, may 6 his new private sale swimsuit Princess Tam Tam : a brand of French lingerie to knowledge to scrutiny. His collections are subtle and creative, young and female. The brand also creates chic swimwear with delicate, sometimes graphic, sometimes extravagant or romantic prints.

Rose capri, yellow mojito, blue paradise, green Croc, purple dahlia, red crunchy… Princess Tam.Tam makes us dream through candy colors that invite to the trip. The brand put mainly on forms: Jersey headband with Ruffles, triangles with knot at the chest, pants high waist to frou-frous.These are the details that make the difference. Princess Tam.Tam has created a highly feminine and gourmet universe.

Recognized as a lingerie fashion brand, the brand is present in more than 40 countries around the world. His collections are sold in its own stores, Department stores, in a selection of multi-brand retailers and on the internet. Since its inception in the 1980s, the brand is extremely requested by young, sensual and dynamic women. Today, Princess Tam.Tam continues to dream again and again .

Private sale swimsuit Princess Tam Tam: our locations on BrandAlley and 3 Suisses

Be aware that the site BrandAlley and 3 Suisses offer swimwear and lingerie Princess Tam Tam year-round. Then to wait a bit until the opening of the sale, we decided to put you water in your mouth and you introducing our 3 favorite designs.

3 Suisses the choice of vintage swimsuits is rather limited. Only 5 purple models are available. We chose this one. We love his very original textured material. Its strapless form will avoid the unsightly traces of tanning. Available from 36 to 42. Price: € 69.30 instead of €99, or -30%.

About BrandAlley the choice is far more important. We love the retro style of this Talisman high waist panties. She has the advantage of being slightly corseting and erase your tummy or your love handles. The matching top is available on the site.The underwear is available in 36, 38 and 42. Price: €50.

Always on BrandAlley, we fell for this high Fabulous headband. It is completely made of Jacquard with Lurex (textile metallic wire) for him and green give a small very nice shiny side. The site also offers the matching low rise panties. Headband available in 85B, 90b, 90 C, 95 B and 95 C price:€60.

Getting a Princess Tam.Tam swimsuit is not within the reach of all scholarships. Also do not miss the next event auction organized by sales – private .com. They will begin Sunday, may 6 at 9: 00 and ends at 6: 00 on Wednesday, May 9.

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