Social bookmarking websites help users to bookmark their favorite webpages on the internet publicly. If you are a site owner or spend heavy time on the internet, social bookmarking sites can help you to remember all of your favorite or important webpages. There are thousands of social bookmarking sites on the web that allow users to submit their favorite bookmarks on their directories.

If you have a site or blog and want to promote your content on the web free of cost, you can also use social bookmarking sites to drive real readers to your site. In this article, I've listed some very useful social bookmarking websites which could be very useful for bloggers and internet marketers.
Although social bookmarking websites can be used by all internet user but these types of sites are mainly used by bloggers, website owners or internet marketers for products or sites promotion.

There are many benefits of social bookmarking submission , some of them are:-
(i)  Free website traffic - The main benefit of social bookmarking submission is getting free website traffic. When someone submit their favorite bookmarks on popular sites, he/she gets some free traffic. If  your bookmarked pages get more votes from other members, you can expect more free traffic. Thousands of site owners drive hundreds of free website visitors per bookmark.
(ii) Free online promotion - Social bookmarking sites also help users to promote their products or site free of cost by submitting web pages. Thousands of internet marketers and site owners promote their sites' profitable articles through social bookmarking sites.
(iii) Quality & Permanent Backlinks To Websites - Backlink is one of the most important factors of search engine ranking, and most of popular social bookmarking sites help webmasters to build quality backlinks for their sites. Bloggers and website owners submit their articles to get quality backlinks for high search engine ranking on search result pages. In this article, I've listed some very useful sites which can help you to build permanent backlinks to your site.
(iv) Bookmarking favorite web pages  - Social bookmarking sites can be used to remember your favorite web pages. These sites are very useful to access your favorite web pages online from anywhere . You will need to login to your bookmarking sites' account to view all of your bookmarked pages.
(v) Press release or news promotion - Popular internet companies and news sites use social bookmarking sites to promote their news, services or latest products. Social bookmarking sites help them to publicize their content to millions of internet users at very affordable rates.
Okay now , we'll see a list of the best social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark your favorite web pages. Check out these useful social bookmarking sites :
1. Twitter -

2. Pinterest -

3. Reddit -

4. Stumbleupon -

5. Digg -

6. Delicious -

7. Diigo -

8. Fark -

9. Slashdot -

10. Folkd -


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