Something tells me the caption to Beyonce‘s Instagram pregnancy post should’ve read “I don’t think you’re ready for this belly.”

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I had the chance to check in with my friends at Chasing News to break down Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement.

Move over Kim Kardashian because Beyoncé broke the Internet announcing her pregnancy…with twins! Beyoncé’s post instantly became the most liked Instagram post EVER beating out Selena Gomez’s Coca-Cola ad post. Mind you, it took Selena a few months to become the most liked post, while it took the queen bee just a few hours to steal the crown. I’m thinking Beyoncé deserves a bigger title then queen…at this point, she needs to be “goddess.”

Talk about the memes that are being created… I can’t even keep up with them! Each one funnier than the next. Ellen got in on the action, the Fat Jewish got in on it, people are even altering current memes like salt bae and putting Jay Z’s face on them… There are even some funny GIFs floating around.

Beyoncé went on to share more private pictures on her website and even took it back with some wedding pictures, pictures from when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, and now maternity pictures with Blue Ivy kissing her belly.

Of course, her fans are wondering what’s going to happen when April rolls around because she scheduled to perform at Coachella. Sources are saying the show is still going to go on. I’m not quite sure if that means without Beyoncé. Not to mention she’s got the most GRAMMY nominations for this Sunday’s Grammy awards and I’m hearing that she is going to do some kind of performance being she leads the pack with nine nominations.

I’m actually surprised that she didn’t wait until this Sunday to make the announcement because she did announce her first pregnancy at the 2011 MTV VMAs when she debuted her baby bump at the end of her performance. But in total queen bee fashion, she had to out do herself.

One thing I am going to predict – there will be a lot of pregnant Beyoncé’s running around for Halloween! I can totally see her look being a Halloween costume.

—Astra/92.3 AMP Radio

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