We’re very happy to have been a be part of the first NGINX User Summit in San Francisco last Tuesday. Such a great inaugural event. We had a blast! What do high performance web servers and API Management have in common you might ask – quite a lot.

We attended the training sessions in the morning, which were technical and straight to the point – kudos for that! Later in the day, myself and Nicolas Grenie gave a lightning talk where we presented some cool new stuff we’re working on that will work well with NGINX Plus (more on that coming soon).

It was a great opportunity to share our API Magic in combination with NGINX with an audience that really cares about it. And if you know 3scale, you know we love NGINX…

Our open source API Proxy used along with the acclaimed NGINX web server technology provides super powerful on-premise or cloud API traffic management. No proprietary tech, no black box, no redirects, no added latency – just incredibly powerful, high performance API traffic management. [Check it out for yourself - go here for a free trial]

Again, many thanks to our friends at NGINX for the privilege of being a part of your first summit. We can’t wait for the next one.

3scale - The API Management Solution Experts

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