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Shopping without coupons means wasting your hard earned money. And let’s face it – only the wealthiest of people can afford that. And they don’t visit our website. So if you still haven’t started using coupons, now is the perfect opportunity to hop on the bandwagon and start saving money anytime you shop.

But before you do that, you should read the following guides:

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Once you've read everything carefully, you are ready to start saving money. This guide will tell you where you can find and print free internet coupons. Let’s dig in.

In the past, the only way to get coupons was to clip them from the Sunday newspapers. And even though you can still do that, today we have the internet which saves you valuable time and allows you to find coupons for your favorite brands or stores. Once you find the coupons, all you have to do is print them and take them with you for your next shopping trip.

Grocery Stores

We can all agree that the majority of our shopping budget goes to groceries. Since we need them on a daily basis, we have to find a way to save money while shopping for these essentials. And luckily for all of us, many grocery stores offer free online coupons.

But before even considering free printable coupons, you first need to make a list of stores that are in your shopping area. Once you do that, make sure to visit their websites and search for free online coupons and special deals. Chances are you’ll find some and save a lot of money. And if you like shopping from specific stores or manufacturers, even better.

We did our own research, and came up with a list of grocery stores, brands, and online stores that give their visitors free internet coupons.

Grocery Stores

1. ALDI offers weekly specials and better deals than most people would expect.

2. Albertson’s free online coupons give you a chance to save up to $400 per year.

3. Acme is known for offering free printable coupons.

4. Kroger asks customers to sign up for a free membership, which is well worth it as you’ll receive amazing online coupons.

5. Fareway has some awesome free printable coupons as well.

6. Food Lion loads your coupons directly to your Food Lion card.

7. The Fresh Market gives free printable coupons that help customers save money on packaged goods and fresh produce.

8. Piggly-Wiggly has amazing free internet coupons that can significantly reduce your shopping bill.

9. Publix allows its website visitors to click to clip coupons, which they can simply apply in the store at the checkout.

10. Safeway has a special membership called “Just for U” that unlocks special deals and free printable coupons. They even have their own app.

11. Save-a-Lot gives special online coupons for a wide range of products. All you have to do is enter your zip code and find the ones you need.

12. Schnucks also offers free printable coupons that help their customers save some money while shopping.

13. Shaw’s has a unique and simple system that sends free internet coupons directly to the printer.

14. Shoppers requires you to create a free online account to get free digital coupons.

15. Shop ’n Save, as the name suggests, gives amazing and free online coupons to help customers save money on their groceries.

16. Shop Rite is well organized and even offers free digital coupons categorized by brand and category that help its customers find exactly what they need.

17. Vons is known for offering free digital coupons on top of already cheap prices.

18. Whole Foods has free printable coupons as well, which you’ll definitely need if you shop at this expensive grocery store.

19. Winn-Dixie is known for their weekly ad that contains special deals and coupons, which you can pick up at the store.


1. Pampers takes care of your babies, and their coupons are real life-saver.

2. Seventh Generation offers coupons on everything from baby and feminine products to household cleaning products. So if you are into buying green, then make sure to visit their coupons page.

3. Pillsbury requires you to sign up for their email newsletter to receive special offers, access to free samples, and most importantly, up to $250 in yearly coupons. The coupons are for biscuits, cookies, Nature Valley granola, Progresso soups, and Big G cereals.

4. Proctor & Gamble offers clip-to-card coupons, printable deals, freebies, and online discounts.

5. Kellogg’s enables everyone to have a cheap breakfast thanks to their free internet coupons.

6. Betty Crocker is famous for offering up to $250 in coupon savings and free samples, and offers 15,000 recipes for people who subscribe to their email list.

General Grocery Coupons

1. Dealspotr, our amazing website, contains a wide range of discounts, special offers, and free printable coupons.

2. Coupons.com is another great website known for having free digital coupons.

3. Coupons for Print has free online coupons for restaurants and groceries.

4. CoolSavings offers freebies, coupon codes, and free internet coupons for groceries and even toys.

5. Common Kindness is amazing coupon website that donates funds to charities every time you use their coupons to save money.

6. Daily Grocery Coupons always offers new printable coupons, so make sure to check them out as well.

7. Grocery Coupon Network has a wide range of free internet coupons as well.

8. Hopster enables its visitors to earn redeemable points and get amazing free online coupons.

9. GroceryCouponCart is an excellent source of online printable coupons.

10. Grocery Smarts categorizes their printable coupons by state, so you’ll be able to easily find the deals that are within your shopping area.

11. Lozo helps you avoid impulsive shopping and offers digital coupons based on your desired grocery list.

12. RedPlum offers local deals, savings tips and, of course, free printable coupons.

13. SavingStar is known for having both cash-back deals and paperless savings offers. In addition, you can save 20% on fresh produce thanks to their Healthy Offer. They even have their own app, which is quite useful and easy to navigate. This cash-back website/app can save you a lot of money, which is the reason why we dedicated an entire article to help you understand how SavingStar can reduce your household shopping bill.

14. SmartSource has the so-called “direct-to-card” offers that are unique as they load onto your rewards card. In addition, they have free printable coupons and sweepstakes for great prizes, including tickets to the Super Bowl.

Non-Grocery Items

Apart from groceries, we all need non-grocery items like clothing, electronics, prescriptions, and furniture. Luckily for us, the internet is full of these coupons as well.

Popular Vendors

1. Amazon is the biggest online retailer, known for offering pretty much everything. It’s the website most people trust and shop from online. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Amazon has a wide range of online coupons that you can use to reduce already cheap prices.

2. Best Buy has a weekly ad that contains printable coupons for tech items.

3. BJ’s is also known for offering free internet coupons that help you save some money on your next shopping trip.

4. Costco is a membership-only warehouse that gives their members an opportunity to save a lot of money by using free digital coupons on prices that are already ridiculously low.

5. Kmart is a nationwide retailer of clothing, furniture, toys and electronics that also offers great deals and free online coupons to their customers.

6. Old Navy’s website contains coupon codes that will reduce the price tag of their items and save you a lot of money.

7. Target is the second largest discount store in the United States and a place where you plan on spending $20, but end up with a shopping bill of $150 because they have everything. With that being said, you should definitely take advantage of their free internet coupons and save some money while shopping.

8. PetSmart is a go-to place for anything related to pets. Their website has some special offers, including free online coupons that will help you reduce your pet-related expenses.

9. Sears requires you to sign up and become their member (which is easy and quick), but in return, you’ll get free printable coupons that will save you a lot of money.

10. Walmart is a retail giant famous for its wide range of products and low prices. However, they also offer free internet coupons that can decrease your shopping bill and make your wallet happy.

Non- Grocery Coupons

1. Groupon is a mobile and online marketplace where you can find amazing digital coupons on things to do, see, eat and buy. They even have their own mobile app that will help you find best deals and save the most money.

2. Local Saver is quite a handy online tool – it shows you free internet coupons from the chosen area. You only have to type in the zip code, and they’ll do the rest.

3. RetailMeNot contains more than 500.000 online coupons for 50.000 stores and has its own app.

4. Valpak is a great website for finding free digital coupons for a wide range of products.

5. TechBargains is known for finding amazing tech-related deals that can save you a few hundred bucks.


1. CVS offers receipt-printed coupons that can be linked to your ExtraCare online account. In addition, they even have an app that offers exclusive deals and savings.

2. Rite Aid is known for offering free digital coupons for everything from soap to laundry detergent.

3. Walgreens is an online pharmacy retailer that serves your needs for prescriptions, health information, health & wellness products and photo services. You can find special deals and free printable coupons on their website.

Cash-Back Rebates

Cash-back rebates or rebate apps are awesome as they allow you to shop for your everyday items and get some of the money back. In fact, they are so popular that we even dedicated an entire article to them, so make sure to check it out. But now, let’s take a look at the most popular rebate apps.

1. Ibotta is everyone’s favorite rebate app that has thousands of interesting offers which help customers reduce their shopping bill.

2. Checkout 51 is the second most used rebate app and works similar to Ibotta. It has fewer offers and is more focused on stores (instead of vendors).

3. Ebates is the most famous cash-back website, known for offering high rebates.

Takeaway Notes

As you can see, the internet is full of “free money” in the form of coupons, and it’s up to you to take advantage of that. In most stores, you can stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons to get the biggest discount. And if that particular item is on sale and you manage to find it on your rebate app, then your savings will be significant.

Of course, this type of couponing is for serious couponers who dedicate time to study the best deals, find best coupons, and use different rebate apps. If that’s not for you, we completely understand – but you can at least use free online coupons to reduce your shopping bill.

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