This reveal has been in the works for quite some time so I am so, so excited to finally share it!

A few months ago I was contacted by an old client of mine, Sue from “As it Were” about redesigning the website for the Utah Doula Association, of which she’s the treasurer. I honestly just stared at screen for a minute overwhelmed with gratitude that Sue would think to even throw my name in the hat.

Given that for this project I was working with a whole organization instead of an individual bloggers like I’m used to, this project took a wee bit longer than most of my projects do but I am so, so happy with the final result!

The Design

The UDA website was in serious need of some TLC, both from a design point of view, but also in the more technical side due to some hacking, malware injections, and breaking down of plugins.

The first step was to get all of that cleaned up with the help of Sucuri. While that was all taken care of, the website committee and I worked on creating a design fitting of the UDA brand – professional, fresh, and inviting.

We kept the home page streamlined and to the point – it’s all about the babies! – and directed people to the two main sections of the site: finding a doula or becoming a member.

Additionally I love the fun structuring we did in the about page and how clean and organized the new board members page turned out. Whereas before it was a never-ending list of names, now the key positions are highlighted and we make better use of the space by utilizing columns.

We also included the board members’ information in the contact page as a way to streamline communications within the UDA.

The Behind The Scenes

Part of the UDA’s mission is to inform parents of the benefits of working with a doula and how to choose the best doula. Additionally, UDA seeks to help doulas in the state of Utah in their own journeys from offering trainings to creating a state-wide directory.

So together we first worked on the best ways to present information to parents clearly and concisely. Then, we worked on creating a full membership site for doulas where they can pay their dues, create directory listings, and be added to mailing lists to receive the latest news.

This is by far the most involved project I’ve ever worked on but the results are so great! I am so, so happy with how the whole design came together and I’m loving working with UDA on a long-term basis to maintain this beautiful site.

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