In the modern world, establishing a strong online presence is one of the key factors of success. If you strive for a top-notch website that beats the competition, there are many factors to account for. You need a website that is not only a gem in terms of design and style; you need its functionality to be above average as well. A modern website should be user-friendly and call to action, fast-operating, and SEO-optimized. A website should have something on top of the basic functionality, be it an extended filterable portfolio, interactive maps, 3D tours of your facility, etc. You just need something that makes your website special and lets it stand out of the crowd. For this, you need additional plugins and widgets that account for this extended functionality.

To create a website that is visually appealing and, at the same time, rich in functionality, you have a couple of ways to go. The first way to go is to get a custom design for your website. This means that you pay professional web designers, and they create a unique website for you. This is a product that is created from scratch just for you. Sounds great, but just imagine, how much you’ll pay for it. Custom designs cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, and if you need it to have extended functionality that price won’t make you happy.

The second way to go is building your website with free software. It kind of lets you save lots of money, however, it’s just like wasting your time. With free software, you’ll never be able to create a high-converting website. The functionality that you get free is pretty limited, and you won’t be able to go beyond the basic functionality of a blog crammed with free-software labels. This will do for a personal blog, where you share your concerns with the world, but won’t do for a website that opens new markets for your business.

There is also a third way, the way that lets you save both time and money. The templates produced by the leading companies in the market have the level of elaboration that equals to custom designs, and cost 10 and sometimes even 100 times less than custom designs. First of all, they have valid and well-structured code (as the quality of the code influences ranking by search engines), and are thoroughly tested for bugs and errors. Moreover, the templates have all the tools that are necessary for subsequent customization of a website and its smooth operation. Modern templates are user-friendly, and you need no technical skills (such as working with HTML and CSS code) to be able to customize the template. All the customization is carried out in a simple admin panel that brings you all the options you need. In addition to this, modern templates are well-documented, and the base of clear step-by-step tutorials instructs you how to get exactly what you want.

As I mentioned earlier, if you decide to go for a template, you should go for one that was created by a company you can trust. One of such companies is TemplateMonster. This is one of the leading companies on the template market. Its team has over 15 years of creating templates behind its back. In these years, they’ve worked with all the trends in web design that were emerging and waning; they’ve gone through all the hypes and breakthroughs, they’ve learned what people need for websites of their dreams and what’s lame. In 2016 TemplateMonster has proudly provided over a million of templates for people around the globe, and this number is bound to increase in 2017. Check out their full collection of top WordPress themes to see what your website should look like in 2017.

Why I offer you to stop on WordPress themes? There are multiple reasons for this. WordPress is the most popular CMS worldwide. I am not saying you to jump on the bandwagon. WordPress is not only the most popular but also the simplest CMS that brings you all the options you need. WordPress dashboard is intuitive and easy to get around. Moreover, the team of TemplateMonster even supplied it with tooltips for their WordPress themes. WordPress is also ‘loved’ by search engines. The websites that run on this CMS rank high and are likely to reach the first page of search results if you invest your time into updating the content frequently.

In this post, I’ve selected Top 10 WordPress themes of 2016 and 2017 that are a perfect starting point for creating your website. You’ll be amazed at design and functionality they offer, as it goes far beyond expectations of what a template should be like. I will review the functionality the templates have and track what you can achieve with this functionality.

It’s time to meet Top 10 WordPress themes. There are just ten of them, but each of them is the masterpiece of impressive quality.

Top 10 WordPress Themes with Jaw-dropping Functionality

Real Breakthrough: Monstroid2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

This winter Monstroid2 template was released. Over a very short period of time, it has become a real breakthrough. Monstroid2 was created on the base of Monstroid that also had a huge success a year back. The production of Monstroid2 took almost a year. This was a year of intense work of designers, coders, developers and 3D artists to bring you the product that encompasses all the advances in modern web design.

Monstroid2 template is distributed under the terms of GPL license. You can read more about it here. For you, his means that, if you purchase Monstroid2, you can create as many websites as you wish with it; install the template on as many domains as you want; edit the source code of the template and distribute it as your own development on the Internet. Mostroid2 opens the freedom of creativity for you for a lifetime!

When it comes to functionality, here is also a lot to speak about. First of all, Monstroid2 comes with an Installation Wizard that ensures trouble-free installation of the template either from the cloud or from your PC. Secondly, the Monstroid2 template has an inbuilt Power Builder, a toolkit for visual content editing. Power Builder allows you to switch between different layouts and create your own ones, as well as add content of 20 different types, with accordions, tabs, counters, and progress bars among them. Thirdly, there are 20+ plugins that come with Monstroid2. These plugins are prebuilt, meaning that you get them free. The plugins include such popular solutions as BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, as well as plugins by TemplateMonster team that let you work with social media, timelines, menus, appointments, events, projects, and much more.

There is a lot more that’s inside Monstroid2. To learn more, please check out this video:

Taylor: Innovative WordPress Template for Financial Accounting

Details |  Demo

Taylor template boasts of sleek, minimalistic design. This theme is powered by Cherry Framework5 and licensed under the GPL license. You can edit it with simple drag-and-drop thanks to Power Builder. The template also has a Live Customizer that allows editing the template on the fly and seeing the changes live, without reloading the page.

The template has a set of custom widgets that enrich it with advanced functionality. The widgets include Simple Slider, post carousel, interactive calendar and social media widgets that allow you to create an online audience of devoted clients. Thanks to 24/7 support and extensive documentation you won’t ever be lost editing the template.

Ultimate Style Platform WordPress Website

Details |  Demo

If you plan to create a website dedicated to style and fashion, this template is a perfect choice. It lets you create a visually rich website, packed with visual tricks, such as Parallax background, LazyLoad galleries, Smooth Scroll and much more.

The template comes with a set of social widgets, such as Instagram Board, Pinterest Board, Twitter Feed, that allow you to gain a cult following on social networks and spread your ideas. These widgets are situated above the fold, which additionally ensures high conversion rates. The template is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible. It’s even retina ready, ensuring the high-quality display on Retina devices.

Be the King of News WordPress Site Design

Details |  Demo

This responsive WordPress theme is ideal for running an all-encompassing news platform. Styled after a newspaper, this template is reminiscent of old times when the paper was the main material of information transfer. When it comes to functionality, the template boasts of Live Customizer for making changes on the fly, a set of custom premium widgets that brighten up the pages of your template, and Cherry Framework that ensures smooth template installation and management. When developing the template, the team prioritized readability and clear-cut layout that make news easy to apprehend.

Be Different: Barber Shop Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

This template relates the vision of what it means to be a modern man. The template has a large set of layout options that allow you to choose an unconventional layout for your website. What is more, you can create your custom layouts with Power Builder. Content Modules allow you to add such elements as accordions, call-to-action buttons, countdown timers, post sliders, blurbs, pricing tables, and much more. With the theme, you can create advanced filterable galleries that are, no doubt, crucial for showcasing your works.

Bellaina WordPress Template for Extensive Real Estate Platform

Details |  Demo

If you run a real estate website, first of all, you need to ensure that it provides a search that lets find exactly what your clients need. Bellaina template offers an extended search that allows filtering properties by type, area, the number of rooms, location and much more. All the properties are marked on an interactive map with markers that additionally inform about the property. Clients can also leave property submissions by filling out a form. Then, you just need to contact them and settle down an appointment.

The template is also supplied with Cherry Projects plugin, a powerful tool for showcasing your product with a variety of filtering options. The theme also supports IDX, which allows embedding real estate data from an MSL.

Fantastic Crops: Agriculture WordPress Website

Details |  Demo

Not surprisingly, agricultural companies also need a strong online presence for growth and development. The template is powered by simple and accurately crafted Cherry Framework that provides solid Bootstrap options, multiple shortcodes, and widgets for building a website that you dream about. You can assemble professional-looking slides of images, videos and text with Cherry Simple Slider and Premium Motopress Slider. The ease of editing website with simple drag-n-drop is ensured by MotoPress editor, the visual editor of a new generation that makes editing process trouble-free.

Power of Muscles: Gym Responsive Website Template

Details |  Demo

Gym enthusiasts need raw power and energy of this design to keep their bodies rocking and set up for new challenges. Dark shades suggest the working atmosphere of your place: there is no place for hanging around and pretending as the staff will ensure that you do your best. These shades also express the professionalism and depth of approach in your club, the knowledge of how the body functions that is integrated into every aspect of practice. The design allows you to picture all the best things about your place within the homepage and makes it a roadmap for further exploration. It boasts the achievements and qualifications of your trainers, uncovers the life of your club, features images from flicker and provides a handy Google map.

Reliable Business Services WordPress Site Design

Details |  Demo

This business services template centers around the atmosphere and graphical greatness. It makes the full use of Parallax effect and creates a coherent all-encompassing Home page that tells the full story of your business. Parallax adds a feel of depth to the 2D pages of the website and ensures unforgettable onsite experience. The greatness of the menu is insured by the incorporation of MegaMenu that allows creating multi-column menu that you can structure yourself, supplying it with any type of content onsite links that you may need. The template is WPML ready, meaning that you can easily make your website multilingual to appeal to the international audience.

Insightful Financial Advice WordPress Template

Details |  Demo

If you plan to launch a financial advice or any other business website, Insightful Financial Advice WordPress Theme will let you accomplish this endeavor in no time. The template combines clean, professional design with extended features, which make your projects more impressive. For instance, the top banners of the template let you inform your website, visitors of top offers, right after they land on your website. The theme offers an unobtrusive user-friendly navigation system that lets users get around your website with ease. This template is considered one of the best in 2016, and the striking user experience it provides will go beyond your expectations.

I hope you enjoyed the journey through these visually-amazing templates. Do not forget to check out the Live Demos and details of the templates that appeal to you. For installing a template you need a place on the server and a domain name. You can check the technical requirements in template details.

I wish you good luck in launching the website of your dream with one of the Top 10 WordPress themes.

Stay tuned!

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