This includes information we have from all four games, as well as the novel.

1979-1982: Fredbear’s Family Diner is in operation in New Harmony, Utah.

10/31/1982: Sammy, one of the twin children of owner and animatronic creator Henry, is kidnapped by co-owner William Afton, marking the first child disappearance.

This may be depicted abstractly in FNAF 2 in the “Take Cake to the Children” minigame.

1983, possibly: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opens in Hurricane, Utah.

6/26/1985: The Missing Children Incident occurs. We know five children, two girls and three boys (one of whom was named Michael Brooks), disappear that day. The bodies are never found.

Late 1985: Henry commits suicide out of guilt that his creations (the springlock suits) were used as tools in the kidnappings and murders. His remaining daughter Charlie, now 7, goes to live with her aunt.

1986: A new ownership team takes over the restaurant, calling itself Fazbear Entertainment. They decide to attempt to expand the restaurant into a chain, starting work on a new restaurant in a different location with different animatronics.

1987: As the new restaurant prepares to open, the original animatronics are moved to the site in order to be scavenged for parts, bringing their ghosts with them. The springlock suits remain at the original location and mostly serve in animatronic mode, but are occasionally worn. This leads to the unfortunate Bite of ’87, starting the downward spiral.

The Bite of ’87 victim, a young boy whose brother is emotionally abusive towards him, initially survives his injuries, although is likely comatose. He eventually passes away after several days in the hospital. His brother, realizing how horrible he’s been, apologizes, indicating that perhaps he did love him after all.

It’s possible that the boy and his brother are Phone Guy’s sons, but this is unclear.

11/1/1987: The FNAF 2 restaurant opens. Due to his skill with operating the animatronic show programs and knowledge of the company, William Afton is still there despite most people within the company knowing he’s a serial killer. He borrows a springlock suit from the back at the old location and brings it to the new one, getting to his shift as the night security guard early and killing as many as five more children over the course of the first week of operations. He demands to switch to the day shift as the ghosts realize he’s there and become active at night in their attempts to avenge themselves.

11/8/87 – 11/13/87: Jeremy Fitzgerald is brought in to work the night shift.

11/14/87: Someone – possibly Afton or another employee – is removed from their job, opening up a day shift spot. Jeremy is moved to this spot, forcing him to work a double shift. Fritz Smith takes the night shift for one night before being fired. The FNAF 2 restaurant is deemed a financial failure and officially closes.

Sometime before 11/8/1993, Phone Guy, likely a PR and HR person with the company, takes the night shift job at the one remaining location, where the original animatronics have been returned to service (although Foxy still apparently breaks constantly). He lasts long enough to leave advice in the form of phone messages for everyone who comes after him, although whether or not it helps them survive is unknown – except in one case…

11/8/1993 – 11/14/1993: Mike Schmidt (not the baseball player), Doormaster, spends his one week at the restaurant and is fired after one week after figuring out how to adjust the animatronics’ AI. Since the player can see the newspaper articles about the missing children, it’s implied that Mike is researching and figuring things out during the day, and the company deemed him a threat since he knew a lot of stuff and the animatronics failed to kill him.

It does appear to be a Fazbear Entertainment policy to hire night guards and not expect them to survive the week so they don’t have to pay them. Talk about cutting costs. Schmidt lived longer than expected and was learning things, so it’s only natural that they’d cut him.

December 1993: The restaurant finally closes for good.

1994: A mall/shopping center is planned for the site. Instead of razing the building, for some reason the mall is built up around it, but no stores ever open inside it and the site is abandoned. William Afton returns under the alias Dave Miller as a security guard for the abandoned site to keep people out.

June-July 1995: Charlie, now 17, returns to Hurricane, Utah to attend a ceremony dedicating a scholarship in the name of her friend Michael Brooks, one of the missing children.

Charlie and her friends John, Jessica, Carlton, Lamar, and Marla, along with Marla’s 11-year-old brother Jason, repeatedly enter the pizzeria over the course of a few days. This leads to Carlton’s kidnapping by Afton, forcing a rescue operation.

A police officer (Dunn) dies during the investigation, raising the body count potentially as high as 12.

Afton finally dies inside Springtrap, though there are two debating stories about how he dies. In one, the ghosts of his victims kill him by forcing him to hide in the suit after he’s dismantled the animatronics and freed their ghosts, which allows the ghosts to move on. In the other, he attempts to keep Charlie behind after the police show up and as she’s trying to get away she activates the springlocks, killing him. The still-possessed animatronics drag him away, possibly to the back room to allow the ghosts to get their closure and move on.

2023: Fazbear’s Fright is a week away from opening when Springtrap is located and brought to the horror attraction. The attraction burns down (whether this is due to faulty wiring that existed or the guard realizing the danger and actively committing arson is unclear). Springtrap survives the fire, leaving the ending open-ended.

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