Download Castle Clash Game for PC : Castle Clash is another Strategy tycoon build game developed by IGG. It has a very interesting game play with awesome graphics making this game much better. You train your army and then eliminate your enemies. At the beginning of the game you will be leading a small village with troops and resources. Now you need to start building up your forces, buildings, troops and better defense to protect yourself from enemy attacks. You have to protect your resources with the defense you make or else enemies will loot all your resources easily. You can train different troops and heroes, learn magic spells which can be used in battle arena. You have to keep on increasing your resources and troops to last longer and be the best of all. This game is all about saving yourself from enemy raids and how hard you hit others. You can engage with enemy layers in dungeon fights. You can play single player mode where you will be hidden on Map and no Multiplayer will attack. You can start playing yourself completing all mission and Levels. The Multiplayer is really entertaining with tons of other player to attack.

Download Castle Clash Game for PC - Windows and MAC

Castle Clash game is easy to control because you only have to tap on screen each time you want to command any troop or build. Game is very responsive giving you realistic battle look. It is a addictive game and you will be bind to it forever if you start playing.

Castle Clash Game Features
Castle Clash is really an interesting strategy game which is very easy to play indeed. Though it has the same concept of war, grow castle and attack but it's amazing graphics and gameplay turns in to into much better. It has many amazing feature that we are going to discuss now.

Extreme Graphics: This game has very excellent graphics which add extra value to gameplay and make it look much better. This feature has attracted many users
Build and Upgrade: Only one task is at top, to build your forces and train troops. You can upgrade buildings and troops also
Gameplay: Gameplay is king of interesting with realistic battles thrilled with troops and armies at war
Guild and Guild Wars: You can create your own guild and add allies to it. Then jointly do guild wars on other forces
Controls: Game controls are very simple with just tap and touch feature

Castle Clash Game Game play and Controls Video Tutorial :
All those fans that want to know this game looks and control options can follow this video.

Download Castle Clash Game for PC and laptop :
Castle Clash is anĀ  addictive strategy game which has more than million of users. It was ranked among top 10 strategy games in many countries and is one of the hit Android game. It is not yet released for PC and Laptop version. We need to use Bluestacks emulator to run this game on PC easily.

First you need to Download Bluestacks Emulator for PC

Then run the installer to install Bluestacks on PC following screen guide

Now search for the game "Castle Clash' and then click on Install button

After that game will start to download and then automatically install

Soon when instillation is completed, game will appear in Apps Menu

Start the game from menu and enjoy fighting in the castle clash!

Download Castle Clash Game for MAC
Mac OS is really common now days and most of use it every day to play new games. It is said that we can't run Android games directly on MAC but we can use Andyroid emulator to run any game on Mac easily. Let me show how you can download and Install Castle Clash game.

First you have to download and then install Andyroid android emulator from Here

After that search for " Castle Clash' game using their search bar

Now select the corresponding game from search list and click on Install

Now wait till the instillation is completed in sometime

After successful installation, the game is now ready to be played

Start Castle Clash game from menu and enjoy!

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