Dallas, Texas,  USA. August 19, 2013: Keeping up with the rapid advancements in the website development technologies and internet usage trends, which include fast rising numbers of people accessing Internet through mobile devices, Relizon Media, one of the best website development companies in Dallas, Texas, has announced the availability of cutting-edge responsive website development services. This will enable its customers to better serve their target audiences that are accustomed to accessing their websites on different kinds of mobile devices. The new service is only expected to further enhancethe reputation of Relizon Media, which is widely renowned and highly acclaimed for servicing nationwide clients with its affordable web design services. The company also takes pride in providing excellent customer service to its clients, which makes it truly distinctive amongst the leading website development companies in the country.

“The web design standards are continuously being upgraded and the internet users’ behaviour is fast evolving. The fact that half of the internet traffic is now originating from mobile devices can’t be ignored. Website owners just have to upgrade their websites to make sure they are not merely accessible but also high on usability to their visitors across any device,”  Said Mr. Jay King, Founder & CEO, Relizon Media. “Businesses and professionals, who ignore this will find their website traffic plummeting in not too distant a future and will most likely lose precious business. On the other hand, early adopters, who get their sites upgraded to accommodate mobile traffic, will easily beat their competitors and are likely to gain more new business and enjoy the advantages for a longer term. This is precisely what the website development services of Relizon Media can help them with. Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage online!”

All the responsive websites developed by Relizon Media are compatible with and easily accessible on all laptops, computers and mobile devices, including but not limited to Apple’s iPhones, iPads, Amazon.com’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and most other smartphones and tablets etc. The exceptional quality of Relizon Media’s web development services is credited to its team of highly qualified and professionally trained programmers and designers, who have years of collective experience and hundreds of successfully delivered website development projects behind them.

“At Relizon Media, our Philosophy is quite simple. We continuously keep challenging ourselves and keep raising the bar. The way we see it, everything we do has to be with the intent of creating a great return on investment for our clients. To achieve this, our design team focuses all its efforts and creative skills on producing a stunning product that is sure to produce the maximum impact for our client’s campaigns,” added Mr. King. “Effective design creates awareness, attracts customers and increases market share. We aim to communicate our client’s message clearly, concisely and creatively, on time and on budget. By trying to better understand our clients’ target audience, benefits, and objectives, we are able to design solutions that exceed their expectations.”

Apart from its flagship website development services, Relizon Media also offers outstanding graphic design, visual branding, integrative marketing and effective communication services. Relizon Media values the concept of strong presentation and therefore, designs and delivers projects that facilitate the corporate image along with the industrial expertise of its clients. Its comprehensive bouquet of services also includes search engine optimization (or SEO), guaranteed page 1 Rankings in Google, professional video creation, business cards/flyer/brochure design, logo design, content writing, photo retouching, magazine covers, t-shirt designs and more. Additionally, Relizon Media sells commercial spots, theater Lobby advertising that includes nationwide advertising for Regal Cinemas, AMC and Cinemark, and advertising spots for IMDB.COM and many similar sites.

“Great design isn’t produced by computer magic. It’s a combination of hard work that includes thorough research, out-of-the-box visualization and creative execution. By combining proven marketing strategies with clean graphics, original images and clever copy writing, we consistently deliver marketing products that even a big multi-national advertising agency might find tough to rival,” concluded Mr. King.

The services of Relizon Media are perfectly complemented by those of its sister concern, SocialMediaReaction.com, which a comprehensive bouquet of extremely valuable Online Marketing Services that are designed to enable any business or individual to reach out to their target audience more effectively and at a much lower cost compared to any other medium. SocialMediaReaction.com offers Target Email Marketing, Target Email Lists, Email Opt-ins, Patented Stamping Method, Enveloping Method, Guerrilla Marketing Packages, Social Media Design & Creation, Social Media Management, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Professional Press Release Writing, Press Release Distribution, amongst several other services that enable Relizon Media to better help its clients in making a greater and far reaching impact online.

About Relizon Media

Relizon Media produces razor-sharp marketing solutions that help its clients grow. Relizon Media has worked closely with leading companies, institutions, non-profit organizations and government agencies nationwide. It specializes services that include branding, graphic design, website development and SEO, print and broadcast advertising, photography, illustration and printing. Relizon Media has also established SocialMediaReaction.com, its sister concern, which offers extremely valuable online marketing and social media consulting services to its clients so that they are able to reach out to their target audience on social networks and interactive platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube etc. in a more efficient and cost effective way. All of the services offered by Relizon Media are kept affordable and are executed with extra emphasis on quality and professionalism. For more details, please log on to: www.RelizonMedia.com

Disclaimer: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Google, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc. are Trademarks belonging to their respective owners. Any reference to these brands in the press release does not amount to, or is meant to signify, any kind of relationship between these brands and RelizonMedia.com, which is neither affiliated to, nor endorsed by any of these brands or companies in any way whatsoever.

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