India, 29 March, 2014: The one thing that all individuals love is a nice joke that can make one laugh during the dullest of moments and when one needs it the most. A joke is simply the best medicine and also the best companion. A joke is something one shares with friends and family. A joke makes any occasion or get together lively and fun to attend. Jokes are a great opportunity to get to know a person and start to get along with them. Shayari143.com provides all readers around the world with the best jokes and other SMSs.

These jokes are short, fun and most commonly unleash a laughter riot. Shayari143.com is a website produced by a group of people who have a unique and great sense of humour and also a brilliant creativity. They have come up with a huge collection of SMSs for different occasions and situation. These may comprise of- Hindi Sms for Holi, Sms for Diwali, Life sms, Love shayari sms, Merry christmas sms, Naughty sms, romantic Hindi sms, Sag Hindi sms, Santa-banta sms, Sardar sms, Sharabi shayari sms, Shershayari sms, Love Stories sweet Hindi sms, uncategorized sms, valentine day sms, wise word sms, friendship quotes, sms for anniversaries and birthdays, wishes on birth of a child or marriage and a lot more variants are available on Shayari143.com .

“Our website provides a wide variety of SMS in the Hindi language that gives a distinct personal touch to all our jokes and SMS contents. Not only the natives but our work is being acknowledged all over the world with most of the Hindi speaking and also Hindi understanding crowd. We are looking forward to update our sites with more innovative SMS apart from the vast oceanic quantity that we already hold.”- Said a SMS originator at Shayari143.com .

Shayari143.com aims at providing top most level of fun and frolic to their loyal readers and users. They have grown loyal footfalls of a lot many individuals during their short span of existence. The website has grown immense popularity among the masses, especially the younger generation.

“The wide variety of SMS content that we provide is greater to any other website if the question of comparison arises. These Sms have become very popular and are being loved by one and all. We look forward to providing our loyal users with a lot more than what they already have. Our jokes are brilliant and have made the country laugh hysterically. We aim towards unleashing further laughter riots.”- Finished the SMS Originator at Shayari143.com .

Shayari143.com is a one of a kind website that has established its name in the SMS sector.

“I absolutely love Shayari143.com . Their content is extremely entertaining.”- Said a usual viewer.

Love it or hate it, it is tough to ignore those interesting SMS from Shayari143.com

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