Adjust Font Size In The Tree View Window

Let me start by saying I love Feedreader. Great software, keep up the good work.

My problem is I cannot change the font size in the tree view menu. My screen resolution is 1600x1200 and the font in the tree view is almost unreadable. It hurts my eyes.

I can easily adjust the font size in the content window by editing the atom.xsl file, but I can't find anywhere to adjust the font size in the tree window. Please let me know if this can be fixed now or if it will be fixed sometime soon.

Thank You!


We still had a few issues as a result of last nights outage on some feeds, but looks like things should start flowing again.
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Still very small fonts..

I tried setting the font in feedreader.ini. I tried reinstalling. No fix.
I still cannot read the very small print in the third window.
The right and top windows have OK fonts, but not the bottom one.
I cannot submit a screen shot, unfortunately.

Any ideas?


Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this information
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If you hold CTRL and use

If you hold CTRL and use mouse up button, that will work as well. It's not a permanent fix to the issue, but a fast one.

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font size

Hi Tom, I'm using 3.10 and after performing maintenance last night, the font has gone to miniscule size. I've tried going into the Stylesheet and atom.xsl but I cannot make any changes to the atom.xsl file. I was thinking of upgrading to 3.11 so I guess I want to know if I should un-install the 3.10 first. Please advise if that would be my best bet to get the feedreader back to regular sized font. Thanks so much, deb

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hi Tom could you say me

hi Tom

could you say me which part of atom.xsl I have to modify to adjust the font size in the feed-tree (left side)?

kind regards

content panel font size

great reader, but I need to change the font size in the content panel . IN Anymike cites a atom.xsl file but I am not able to locate it ... can you help me?
thank you and congratulations for your work
gab elia

atom.xsl file is in

atom.xsl file is in

c:\program files \feedreader30\stylesheet if you installed feedreader under program files folder.


From Feedreader 3.05 there

From Feedreader 3.05 there is possibility to add row :


to feedreader.ini under [misc] section.

for example fontsize=14

With this directive you can easily get Feedreader to display exactly the font you want.


Thanks Tom, works great. Keep up the good work.

Many thanks Tom! Works

Many thanks Tom! Works great-one click is a nice feature. Well done!


I thaought (very breifly) about writing my own version with resizeable
fonts. It would take less than an hour but duplicating, even the
freeware version, of XYplorer would probably take me a year.