How to turn OFF the newsbar?

The subject pretty much says it - I turned on the Newsbar, and I'd like to turn it off. How might one do that? I see nothing under options that will allow me to do it.


Toomas, I've tried that..


I've tried that.. multiple times. It doesn't work. The newsbar continues to start whenever Feedreader starts, and there is no way to close it. I even went to the trouble of de-installing Feedreader and then reinstalling it. No dice - the newsbar is still there (Windows-7 installation).

I think an options setting is needed to close it cleanly, and not rely on the program automatically doing it.

Don Eilenberger

Just close it down with [x]

Just close it down with [x] button. If your concern is that it will always open on startup then please try to do shutdown of Feedreader and run Feedreader again. Sometimes Feedreader may skip the settings writting if it's closed down quickly. Let it close down and everything should be fine on next startup.