I am using Feedreader 3.14 & I noticed that the file RSSENGINE.FDB is growing on size all the time, cleaning up database is not reducing the size & the size stays as same even keeping 5 days.

Please use Feedreaderbackup.

Please use Feedreaderbackup. It will make your file small (and fast) again. Please search from our forums/documentation for Feedreader backup usage. One thing though - please create a copy of rssengine.fdb before running feedreaderbackup. This way you have the original, whatever happens.


Toomas, Thanks for your

Toomas, Thanks for your reply
I used Feedreaderbackup, but the size is the same as was before!!
The backupfile "rssengine.bak" is smaller Than "RSSENGINE.FDB".

What sizes are we talking

What sizes are we talking about? And what's the count of feeds that you have subscribed?

152 channels archive size

152 channels
archive size 300 articles
now the file size is 177 MB
I can understand that the file size could be big but cleaning the database is not reducing any bit of it.