Feeds not updating

These feeds do not work in Feedreader 3.13, even though some of them show a smiley face in the properties:


They all work ok if you view the webpage directly in Internet Explorer. Feedreader claims the last update was 29/12/1899 for some of them!

http://www.ft.com/rss/yourmoney/beginnersguide (Google Reader shows content up to 24Oct08, but Feedreader only up to 7Sep07).

Greetings, Currently, I


Currently, I managed to check following feeds
- http://www.holmessoft.co.uk/homepage/Weather/rss.aspx
can't reproduce following odd date. This feed has internally bogus pubdate format.

- http://www.ft.com/rss/yourmoney/beginnersguide
if you open following feed with IE, it shows also last post:
Workplace benefits - 7. september 2007. a., 13:03

When it seems, that FR is not updating some feeds. You can run FR with param Feedreader.exe /reset

FR dev