RSS Feed Aggregators Save Employers Time and Money

Employers save time and money with RSS Feeds

Employers understand that finding a qualified candidate for a job position can be tiresome.  The obvious place for an employer to post a job would be a job board, but there is actually an easy more effective way to get the job reach you are looking for.  RSS Feed Aggregators.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feed Aggregators are one of the best tools that an employer can use when looking for a qualified candidate.  An RSS Feed can extend your reach beyond what a job board can do.  This also helps to eliminate having multiple employer profiles on job boards.  Here are a few ways that RSS Feed Aggregators can help you:

  • RSS Feed Aggregators are free
  • You can have your job posts on multiple RSS Feeds to reach a larger targeted audience
  • Subscribers to the RSS Feeds will be able to see your job positions immediately after you post them.
  • Most RSS Feeds are mobile friendly so subscribers can get the update to their mobile phones.  A candidate doesn’t have to be by their computer, they can be anywhere and get the job opening on their phone.

The more RSS Job Feeds you are on, the more people you will reach.  Employers have the opportunity to have all of their jobs posted immediately.  For an example of a job RSS Feed and how Feedreader Connect Server is used, visit .  RSS Feed Aggregators will save you time and money.

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