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Feedreader RSS SEO General Information
Web content syndication, commonly known as RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, is one of the most effective and easiest ways to promote your website. RSS SEO helps readers find your website and improve its visibility by syndicating your web content to RSS readers or RSS directories while building inbound links to your site.
Sharing your content with other websites increases your chances of being found in the search engines, thus providing you with more readers and increased traffic. Since syndicated content gives your website a bigger digital footprint on the internet it makes it easier for people to find you. The more visible your website is, the more traffic and revenue you will get. This is just one way that RSS SEO helps your website.

RSS SEO Marketing Search Engine Value

Another way that RSS SEO helps your website is through backlinks. When other sites link to your website, it tells the Google search engines that your site is trustworthy and popular. This prompts Google, as well as other search engines, to push your website higher up in the rankings so that more people can find you. When you syndicate your content on other sites, directories or RSS readers, each of these sites provides a backlink to your site. The more you syndicate your website, the more backlinks you receive.
Custom RSS SEO Marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your website because you don’t need to know any HTML code to do it. All you need to do is submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. The directories and other sites do all the work by pulling the content from your website and syndicating it. You only need to supply your RSS feed once and your job is complete. Every time you update your website, the RSS directories automatically pull the new content from the site and syndicates it for you.  Our Custom RSS Solutions are fully integrated with Video RSS SEO Marketing as seen here.
Constantly building new backlinks is important. Websites are always acquiring new backlinks, either through people sharing a website with others or through RSS readers and directories, and as soon as your competitor gets more backlinks than you they will get a higher ranking in online searches, thus getting more traffic than you. With RSS SEO, you never have to worry about this because the RSS directories are constantly building backlinks for you. All you have to do is concentrate on building and updating your website, while you leave the technical stuff to the RSS feed. As you can see, RSS SEO is a crucial and highly important tool for any webmaster.

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Independent Dental Practices Drive RSS Marketing

Dental Industry Consolidation Versus Independent Practice Growth

The Federal Healthcare Reform approved in 2010 includes several provisions related to dental and oral health that will increase the number of patients who can receive treatment, thereby boosting industry revenue.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) states that pediatric dental care must be included as part of the minimum essential coverage for individuals through the state-run health exchanges. Pediatric Medicaid expansion plans also provide growth opportunities for the Dental industry because this market segment has an unmet need. Increased government funding from the PPACA will likely lead to profit-margin expansion opportunities given the anticipated higher demand in pediatric practices, while predicting lower demand for lower margin dental lab work.

These factors and their lucrative profit margins have spurned the growth of dental practice management companies (DPMCs), which are large companies that provide services for multiple dental industry offices under the guise of cost reductions which it touts as “shared costs for better business”. Since these companies also buy independent practices, their growing dominance is leading to potential industry consolidation. Thus lower profits for new members and long term contractual obligations to keep them from independent practice and escaping the no-compete clauses for several years.

What happens to independent practices in the “shared costs better business”?

Typical of the DPMC’s is the pre-packaged online footprint it offers to the independent practices, a simple array of what these DPMC’s are touting as Search Engine Optimized (SEO), websites, back-end patient management and cloud based patient connection / interaction systems, that historically have less than 3.5% engagement among the actual patients.   Their inspiring, compelling and beautiful Snake Oil visualizations, all web hosted by the DPMC’s, have more fluff than essentials for the growth of an independent practice.

The Bottom line for independents like Mesa AZ orthodontist Dr Tyler Robison of Robison Orthodontics and The Robison Dental Group, a Mesa AZ Dentist Gary Robison, is the fact that their territory is going to be defined based on enrollment and service saturation, thus your practices extended reach and potential for expansion is severely limited, especially in the higher profit margin arena of Pediatrics and Orthodontics. And as far as SEO, it’s simply your name and practice, nothing for the search engines to distinguish you from any other practice, which mean nothing more for you than your name, and Google forbid, there are same and similar names among the territory you once may have commanded online with your keyword optimized marketing website(s) and online assets.

Dental Industry Marketing For Independent Practices.

Every website and online asset is treated independently by the major search engines based on the keywords, content, images, meta data, relevant and authoritative  backlinks it gains and maintains for sustained growth.

Feedreader RSS Technology for Dental Practices Website SEO and Custom RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms for Orthodontics are the preferred SEO Tools to attain your top ranking positions for the keywords your targeted audience is using to find your services, in your desired locations, and how the integration of these best practices is leveraged to create the most effective referral network in the industry for true shared cost reductions and better business.

Chose a custom designed and developed website for your dental industry practice and enjoy how a fully optimized online practice can attain independent growth with lower costs of acquisition for better profits.

If your practice is an Orthodontist in Mesa, Gilbert Arizona, Start with a Fully Developed and Keyword Optimized Website that integrates the best practices in Social Media, News and RSS Marketing for Independent Practice growth and expansion.

Feedreader RSS Technology Custom RSS-SEO Feed Marketing Platforms, Get Yours Today!

Edward Mugits, SEOBM Feedreader Technology Solutions Partner

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Online Stock Trading RSS Feed SEO

Feedreader Custom RSS Technology Powers Online Options Trading

From the pioneer of RSS technology to the cutting edge of Custom RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms, Feedreader RSS technology has become the tool of choice for the leading binary options trading platforms.   Custom RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms bring together the best in Multichannel, Multimedia and Multilingual Network Broadcasting to achieve the top keyword rankings in Arabic, English,  French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and many more of the common languages found in this high stakes industry.

RSS-SEO Video Marketing Integration

In order to maintain their binary options trading platforms growth, the leading platforms use of  Video Tutorials is a key component to the marketing strategy.    The would be traders are inundated with thousands of  options trading videos from a variety of affiliates and platforms, and Feedreader RSS-SEO Marketing Platform Multichannel Video Broadcasting enables quick indexing and rankings in the SERP’s on every major video Sharing site.    Achieving top 10 ranking positions ( indented positions at that), in the SERP’s requires a consistent stream of quality backlinks to gain the high visibility for those valuable views.  Feedreader RSS-SEO Video Marketing Platforms have become the binary options brokers choice in trading tools for online trading growth.

Strategic RSS-SEO Platform Placement

Feedreader RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms are strategically positioned in multiple countries around the world; from a custom RSS-SEO marketing platform for options trading in Hong Kong to Uganda, from Estonia to the United States… and broadcast in every native language.   Well established High Traffic Authority Domains with true Page Rank ranging from PR6 – PR8 support the continued expansion of one of the most effective marketing tools for the leading online stock trading platforms and financial investment firms around the world.

RSS-SEO For Binary Options Trading Marketing Strategies

Binary Options are predictions on how a certain stock, index, or commodity will do over a specific amount of time.  There’s no risk as you’re not buying the asset, just predicting whether the price will rise or fall.  That’s it.  Simple, quick, and profitable.   With Feedreader RSS-SEO Binary Options Trading Marketing Strategies you can predict your assets outcome over a specific time, a short time, and that it will rise.  Using RSS-SEO is not a Bearish Strategy, don’t expect it to drop at all.

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Custom RSS SEO News Feeds

RSS for SEO and Beyond

Some of the benefits of RSS are immediately obvious. Having people subscribe to your site in order to receive regular updates is a great way to stay on their mind, for one. But syndication offers less obvious benefits, including possible search engine visibility. There are also ways to use RSS that you may not be aware of.

Using RSS to Attract Links

Whenever somebody subscribes to your site, whether it is via RSS or a social networking profile, it means that they will be regularly exposed to your content. The obvious benefit of this is that they will be more likely to come back to your site.

A less obvious benefit is the fact that many bloggers and site owners use RSS feeds to keep track of what is happening in their industry. If you’ve had some experience linkbaiting, your ears should immediately perk up when you hear this.

For the uninitiated, here’s exactly why this is so important. Bloggers who want to stay relevant will comment on the latest posts of interest in their niche. If other bloggers are subscribed to your RSS feed, and you continuously offer information that can’t be found elsewhere on the web, the likelihood that bloggers will link to you skyrockets.

One key to success that most sites don’t explicitly mention is the need to write for not just a reading audience, but a blogging audience. Pay close attention to the top blogs in your industry, and the types of posts that they link to. Those are the kinds of posts you should be writing. While it’s important to have appeal to anybody interested in your niche, the material should be especially targeted toward other bloggers.

Stay Informed

As Zac from Dejan SEO explains, The previous section mentioned that many bloggers use RSS feeds to stay current in their field. There’s a good reason for this. Be sure to set up your own RSS feed so that you always know what’s happening in your industry. It’s important that you speak the same language as your target market, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

You can use a tool like or twitterfeed to link your RSS and social media networks together. Instead of needing to manually send out submissions to a bunch of different networks, you can bundle them all together and send them out at the same time.

You can also mine your inbound RSS feed for articles that are worth sharing with your social networks. Not everything you share needs to be your own content. It’s okay to send traffic too somebody else. As long as you are offering a perceived value to your audience by sharing the material, they will become more loyal.


Take advantage of aggregation by modifying the RSS content module. You can include a “read more” link at the end of every description. In this way, if your RSS feed gets scraped by an aggregator and posted automatically, it will include a link back to your site. The SEO benefits of this are obvious, and if it’s a popular aggregator it should also send some traffic your way.

Additionally, there are RSS directories that allow you to syndicate your feed on their site, which can send even more links your way.

Call to Action

One of the pieces of the puzzle that many people seem to forget about is just to ask. You don’t need a heavy-handed call to action; in fact it’s probably best to avoid one. Simply asking your readers to subscribe, politely but not pleadingly, is often all it takes.

Think of it as a reminder more than anything else. Most people use the internet in “default mode.” They are passively consuming information. Even if they enjoy it, they won’t typically think of subscribing or sharing the material unless they are asked. Just include something like this:

“I’ll be writing several more articles on this subject in the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed if you haven’t already.”

Include the link to your feed in the call to action, and place the call to action somewhere in the actual content of the article. Don’t place an automated message at the end of each article. Tailor it to fit the article and place it somewhere after the very beginning and before the very end.

Never make it sound “salesy.”

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